Starting Your Own Dance Company

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starting your own dance company

Starting Your Own Dance Company

Executive Summary

Dancing entails community of interests. Combined, instead of competitor. It entails esteem for those whom we share dancing with, whether they are partners or other people with whom we share the dancing floor. It implies taking care that everybody has a good time, instead of being selfish and egoist. It implies being social, instead of an ostentation. It implies dance with everybody, not just preferred dance partners, and generally it implies changing dance partners every dance. It implies being civil in partnering, waiting till the music begins, prior to asking somebody to dance. It implies inclusive, instead of undivided. (The term "dance community of interests" is open, in the gumption that it lets in all those with a concern in dance, instead of only those who dwell to something, or have taken grooming. So citizens are looking for dance institutions where they can get training for dancing, especially Salsa dancing.

Salsa style of dancing is affiliated with the salsa music, at present, famous globally. Salsa style of music has its roots sometime in the fifties to seventies, with the genuinely distinguishable salsa technique emerging from New York City in the seventies. The salsa music blends a number of Cuban techniques, especially the son but also attracts from a number of early Spanish American music genres. Salsa style of dance is carried out with the help of music comprises of eight beats, with dancers moving on three beats, pausing for one beat, dancing for three beats, and pausing for one beat. The motion left is left-right-left-pause, then right-left-right-pause.

My proposed Salsa Dance institution is committed to imparting quality and low-priced dancing education to community. There is a really dynamic and committed dancing society already situated in the area. Nevertheless, there has never been a genuine dancing company with primary focus is specifically on Salsa dancing, where citizens can amplify their cognition of dancing and relish being with others of similar involvements. It is my plan to integrate the subsisting dance society into my dancing firm to start with an accented foundation of assistants. From there we will be able to circulate the word that dance is an amusement and energizing way to spend time. There are several advantages to dancing that will draw citizens from numerous backgrounds and involvements.


The following are targets and aims of Salsa dancing company:

Establish a dancing company with an affectionate, supportive ambiance, which is founded on comforting clients.

Furnish a societal and amusement plate form for citizens with various involvements, scopes and ages.

Furnish salsa dancing education and grooming for students at all levels of dancing, from beginner to expert.

Furnish continual grooming, advantages and inducements for faculty to promote a long-run dedication of employees.

Mission Statement

The Salsa dance company provides a place where citizens can get training to dance, come across new citizens, have fun and feel prosperous. We extend a wide-range of dancing techniques with price selections for all levels of involvement, with more distinguished stress on group sessions and a small bundle classes to achieve dancing skill ...
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