States Of Consciousness

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States of Consciousness


Consciousness is mental awareness; it is both objective and subjective. Objective consciousness is a state of conscious awareness (Pearce,145). It has the faculty of comprehending, if of the objects directly offered in sense perception, or those renowned by process of reasoning. Its reasoning is both inductive and deductive; it furthermore has self choice. It is brain or intelligence and occasionally engages the higher considering forces, as differentiated from the senses and memory.(Krippner, 115) Memory should not be confused with intelligence, although, our discovering organizations tension recollection, and those who own good recollections are at the peak of the class.

States of Consciousness


The first state of consciousness in Nature is hunger; this is the smallest state a individual can reach. There are millions and millions of persons who are in this state in the world today. There is couple of, if any, in the United States. Hunger is a state of consciousness, and those who are reflect only one thing from the Parent Mind--hunger.(Pearce,145)

You may have learned persons talk of the despondency years, how famished they were, etc. they just had some thin days and years. You have learned of very couple of cases of persons staining from hunger in the United States.


The second state of consciousness in environment is the state of subjection. Here the one-by-one is ruled and inspired by the strong sentiments of subjection. Sometimes persons are educated or forced into this state, or the natural environment in which they reside year after year may eventually succeed in subjecting them. Socialistic societies have subjected billions down through history; the bigger authorities augment, the more the persons become subjected to their power.(Targ, 53) They conform a little today, next year a little more and so on until that power has them completely subjected. This is a conforming ...
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