Stax Museum Of American Soul Music

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Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Stax Museum of American Soul Music


The Stax Museum of American Soul Music located in Memphis, Tennessee, at 926 McLemore Avenue, the former location of Stax Records. The Stax record closed in 1976 the Union Planters Bank sold Stax studio to Southside Church of God in Christ. It was then torn down in 1989, after being used as a soup kitchen. When it deteriorated in 1988, it was named as Soulsville U.S.A. This studio was functional after some recordings were done (Crawford, 2009)."


This music academy is a state of the art facility where youth receive music education so that they can sing professionally and develop their career in the future. The Soulsville Charter School is also a musically rich school which provides education in science, orchestra, social studies, and language arts. The Orchestra in Soulsville Symphony has been by most famous music names such as Hohn Legend, Isaac Hayes and Stevie Wonder (Nelson, 2007). Deanie Parker was known to be the second official employee at Stax museum. He is also now known as the executive director of Soulsville. In partnership with the LeMoyne Owen College, this museum noe enrolls more than 300 students. They belong to grade 7-12 (Nelson, 2007). They have been provided with many developmental programs. Students are getting chance to learn and practice music. As this museum consists of the past records, these students will benfot from the way they presented their music.

Artist Performance

The Stax museum holds concerts for artists and musicians such as Friday's 50 Years of Stax concert at the Orpheum in Memphis. Isaac Hayes known as Stax pioneer who performed his hits Walk on by and Theme from Shaft. Stax museum considered to be a milestone in the American music industry. It is the cultural ...
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