Steel Magnolias

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Steel Magnolias (1989)

Steel Magnolias (1989)


Steel Magnolias is an American drama comedy released in 1989 directed by Herbert Ross. This film is about a relationship among a gang of girls. The film is based on a play named “Steel Magnolias” in 1987 directed by Rober Harling. Steel Magnolias" is essentially a series of comic one-liners leading up to a teary tragedy, but let it be said that, the one-liners are mostly funny, and the tragedy deserves most, but not all, of the tears (Hollinger, 1998). The movie takes place in Louisiana during what is said to be the 1980s and involves a tightly knit group of women friends whose husbands (being absent, depressed or dead) leave them lots of time to gossip at the beauty parlor.

Thesis Statement

Steel Magnolias moral can be expressed by saying that life should be enjoyed while it can, and when it cannot, life goes on.


The paper discusses the movie "Steel Magnolias", directed by Herbert Ross; it is about six Southern women and how their lives interact. Louisiana is the place where down the bonds of friendship among six women of the same social but very different when it comes to relationships. A modest hairdressing salon owned by one of them brings the sextet of women during much of the day. However, tragedy strikes the group of women when one of them is diagnosed with diabetes while pregnant. Beauty salon, serves as a gathering place for women, more family than friends. Truvy (Leeni Mitchell) employs her magic wand and pixie dust making these women feel particularly special.


A moving story, which has no great things, but that captivates the person with the relationship of a group of friends. This is a comedy about the feminine soul, directed by Herbert Ross, and adapted into a film by him. The dialogues are brilliant, and the action runs smoothly. Here, was one of his first major roles Julia Roberts. In a small region of Louisiana, six women of different ages and completely different characters are in the beauty salon of Truvy between the gossip and the various ups and downs of life.

The only thing they have in common six women of the same people of Louisiana, is attending the hairdresser. They meet to discuss and gossip all that happens in their lives and what's happening in town. In his visits to the salon get to know their fears, joys, sorrows and adversities of fate brings. The six are friends, and share their problems and concerns, though their characters and their ages are different (Harling, 1988). It has been many years together and know the sea well. Their conversations are very lively and chatting openly about their lives, sometimes with irony and sometimes with ingenuity.In Steel Magnolias, the men play similar roles, very minor parts. M'Lynn's husband and Shelby's father acts as an antagonist to Ouiser and sticks to the “guy aspect” of planning the wedding, which includes shooting into the trees to rid the yard of ...
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