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Stem Cell Research




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Stem Cell Research


Stems cells are special type of biological cells that are present in all multicellular organisms. These cells can divide themselves into diverse and different specialized cell that can self renew themselves to produce further stem cells. In mammals these stem cells are divided into two different and broad types. One is called embryonic stem cell and other is called progenitor cells. Autologous adult stem cells are accessible through three sources, bone marrow, Adipose tissue and blood. Stem cells can also be accessed through another source but just after the birth of the baby. Stem cells are used for medical therapies. Nowadays stem cells can also artificially grow. Different researches are under process regarding stem cells. These stems cells are of great help for surgeries and transplantation.


Stem cells are cells that can divide and differentiate into various specialized cells which can produce more cells of different types. There are two different types of stems cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells

These cells are secluded from blastocysts and adult stem cells and their inner cell masses which are found in different various.

Progenitor Cells

If we look at the adult organisms we will find that stem cells along with the progenitor cells functions as replenishing of adult tissues and repairing system for the body. Stem cells can be distinguished into special cells when developing embryo and are called pluripotent cells. Stem cells also perform the function of regeneration of organs such as skin, intestinal tissues and blood.

Adult stem cells can be accessed through three sources. Stem cells can be accessed through Bone Marrow. It can be accessed through drilling in bone in case if extraction is required through harvesting. Second source of stem cell access is through Adipose tissues. These cells are also known as lipid cells. Stem cells can be accessed it extraction through liposuction is required. Third thing which is the source of access for stem cells is Blood. Stem cells can be extracted through blood by the process of pheresis. There is another source from where stem cells can be extracted. This is a temporary source of access. Stem cell can be collected from umbilical cord blood as soon as the baby is born. Autologous harvesting of stem cells is least risky. Autologous cells can be obtained from a person's own body.

Medical therapies are also done through stem cells. Adult stem cells which are highly ...
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