Sterling Marking

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Sterling Marking

Executive Summary

Sterling Marking Products Inc. deals with the wide range of products like seals, embossing products and other related products. Company is doing well because it has captured the 60% market share of the Canadian market. Now, the company is facing the issues of entering into a foreign market competition, and for this, it has demands from different countries like France, Spain and some Asian countries. Company has options to start their global business operations with the exporting or joint ventures (Johansson, 2000,, 20).

For solving these issues the marketing manager of the company called a meeting and in which he decided to take some steps with the help of meeting members. He decided to enter into the foreign market competition, but choosing the option of exporting because in this option company does not have to take the risk and the cost is also very low (Johansson, 2000,, 20).

Company decided to enter into the foreign counties of the European market because the company is much familiar with the factors of the European market because the company is operating in the Canadian market which is much related to the European market as compare to the Asian countries. Asian countries have more political instability as compare to the European countries. Therefore, Sterling should go for entry into the foreign market, while focusing on the available resources.

Sterling Marking

Q.1 Are you satisfied with how business is proceeding in the USA?

Sterling Marking is doing well, the facts and figures present in the case study shows that the company has captured the highest market share. The company's sale is increasing, and the company has captured the Canadian market just in two years. Company is working from last 40 years and producing a wide range of products. The business process and production process are excellent which helps the company to manage its operations effectively. Company has to target the USA market effectively and efficiently to increase its market share throughout the world, and their customer bank (Root, 1982, 10).

Q.2 what criteria would you use for ranking foreign market attractiveness? Of the countries which have approached you, who will you deal with first?

The criteria for ranking foreign market attractiveness based on the following factors. A company should use the following factors while ranking the foreign market attractiveness. These factors provides the best analysis of the foreign market entry procedures, and provides the best support for the company in order to prioritize that in which country they should enter first (Zou, Kim & Cavusgi 2009, p. 20).

1. Demographics and Growth

2. Savings and Investment

3. The Role of Total Factor Productivity

4. Political Determinants

5. Trade and Exchange Rates

Sterling should approach the countries which are in Europe because the company is Canadian based, and most of the above mentioned factors are similar both in Canadian and European market. The most important factor for the company is to analyze the trade and exchange rates, and government's permission for exporting. In the later stages, company has decided to use the exporting strategy to ...
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