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Strategic HRM

Strategic Business Planning and HR Functions

Strategic Business Planning and HR Functions


Many organisations consider the Human Resources Department as a function of administration and ignore the opportunity and need for aligning it with its overall strategic plans. In conditions where Human Resource is involved in the business strategy then its alignment does not walk off beyond a function of forecasting. The key reason for not aligning the Human Resources with the business strategy of organisations is not holding a seat at the table of strategic planning. The satire with the Human Resource is being left behind the strategic planning and by its nature as the Human Resource is concerned about people which are the core value in a business organisation and in its strategic plans. Strategic Human Resource Management is defined as the designing and implementing the set of internal policies and practices that ensure the human capital of the organisation that it makes contributions to the achievement of the business aims and objectives (Jackson & Schuler, 1997, p. 5).


The function of Human Resources is not aligned with the business strategy of an organisation and it is difficult to assess the success of HR and it is considered an insignificant and soft factor in the development of business strategies. What gets assesses gets done or gets the power for contributing to the business strategies of an organization. Human Resources are often regarded as the cop of an organisation that ensures the advantages properly as well as handle and administer the hiring and firing of the personnel. In comparison with the administrative functions of the Human Resources, the practices of Strategic Human Resource are some of the concepts that are relatively contemporary. As a result of that, business organisations are less probable to look forward to such kind of practices as that have an immense impact on the business outcomes (Huselid & Schuler, 1997, p. 36).

The strategies are the main essence of Human Resources. When such strategies are appropriately aligned the HR make contributions to a successful financial bottom-line and effective strategy. The needs and requirements of the Human Resources are to maintain an influential foundation of administration and then using that in order to assist obtains a seat at the table of business strategy. For gaining access to the complete inclusion with the development of business strategy, HR requires to acknowledge whatever it does, with what it requires for doing in order to improve the organisational value and bottom line success. Once the disparity gap is found out, HR requires assessing itself and then approving its value as an unending unit of strategies. Continuous evaluations and monitoring of the strategic role of HR will approve itself to be valuable or not as an advantage to the business bottom lines. HR is seemed as the people resources or people department. The people of the organization ultimately determine the worth and effectiveness of the development and implementation, and the successive competitive ...
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