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Strategic HRM

Strategic Human Resource Management-Nokia

Strategic Human Resource Management:

The most important organization corporate business strategy is strategic human resource management which is aimed at making decisions which reflect the organization intentions and plans related to the employment relationship. According to scholars, there are four meanings of strategic human resource management;


To design an effective personnel system.

Aligning the activities of SHRM with the business strategy.

Human resource as a strategic resource to gain competitive advantage.

Strategic planning is made by management actions and decisions that lead to the development of strategies designed to achieve the organization of their goals. The strategic planning process is a tool management decisions. "The current challenge of strategic planning is to ensure flexibility and innovation in the enterprise needed to achieve goals in a changing environment.

Strategic planning - this is one means of reproduction now entrepreneurial behavior. As part of strategic planning addressed four main objectives: distribution of enterprise resources, which are limited, such as scarce personnel - managerial staff and professionals, technology, productive assets, financial resources; adaptation to the environment through actions of a strategic nature, which use a favorable external opportunities, confront threats by identifying appropriate options for activity - alternatives that provide adaptation to environmental conditions; internal coordination of strategic activities in order to integrate effectively within the enterprise, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise, ensuring effective internal operations of the company and formation of a strategic organizational culture through the development of thinking of management personnel and structure of the organization, style of activity aimed at the constant search, change, learning experience of past policy decisions.

The Strategic Fit Model for Nokia:

The concept of strategic fit model is based on using the means and resources to align the management of human resources with the strategic content of business. This strategy entails every single aspect necessary to manage the issues related to human resource. The features of this strategy involve everyone, from top management to workers at resource level. Trend of recent years is to reduce the periods of changes in policies, the transition to a continuous strategic planning. Strategic plans should be complete within perhaps a longer time, but flexible enough so that you can be implement their reorientation at any desired point in time. Strategic planning is based on the results of strategic analysis.

The key components of strategic planning are: the choice of the mission, the formulation of goals, policy and strategies, formation procedures, rules and budgets.

Analysis of the external environment is a process by which developers of the strategic plan, assess external to the organization of the factors that determine the opportunities and threats for companies in three areas: 1) changes that affect may influence the strategy and 2) the factors that pose a threat for the current strategy, and 3) the factors that determine new opportunities to achieve the objectives of the enterprise.

In the process of analysis, we need to answer three specific questions: 1) position of the company at present, and 2) the desired position of the ...
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