Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic human resource management

Strategic human resource management


Human Resource Management is one of the most important aspects of an organization, and its branding is significantly important in order to acquire success. Branding for human resource enhances the firm's corporate image as well as internal culture. It is meant to embody the values and principles that are applied within the organization as well as externally. It is a kind of guideline for the employees of an organization, and keeps them aware of what the organization stands for, what it looks for from its employees, how their behavior should be and what results are to be achieved. Not only this, a good Human Resource management system ensures that only the best are employed to make up the workforce of an organization. The strategic and modern view of human resource management is that it is a proactive settlement between long-term planning within an organization, that can produce and achieve ways to completely transform the human capital of an organization if put to good use. In this paper, I will be analyzing whether a good strategic human resource management system can enhance competitiveness with rival organizations. I will be examining the ways in which the HR can support and acquire success for an organization


Human resource management ensures that the highest quality candidates are allowed to join the firm, thus bringing about the best results. It allows for the proper utilization of manpower in the work force, as well as deducing where to place certain individuals so that they may perform at their optimum level. It also keeps the employees at managerial level up to date about the functions of the organization, and whether or not they are being fulfilled. Managers must themselves perform their duties in lieu of Human Resource management, and must concern themselves on all levels of the system. A good human resource management system must be on top of staffing issues, as well as safety and health regulations. It must also be concerned with the employee and labor relations, and must ensure that all news and updates within the organization are their responsibility. Human resource management is also in charge of compensation concerns. Any quotes taken out in the name of the organization are sent to the HR system and they must be responsible for dealing with them(Stone, 2010).

Staffing jobs require assessment of whether or not the organization has hired the right amount of employees. Often organizations remain understaffed or overstaffed, utilizing and paying for more people than necessary or vice versa. Staffing duties thus ensure the number of people present is able to achieve the organizational goals. Job analysis is another function that is systematic in its process of determining the tasks of different jobs and their functions. Planning is an essential part of the staffing aspect of human resource, thus is given its due consideration. Recruitment and firing tasks also fall under the human resource management ...
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