Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management



It has been observed that due to changes in global economy the businesses are entering into a new business world in which there are numerous firms operating using different strategies. The employees working for an organization are considered as a valuable asset for the organization (Akhtar& Daniel, 2008, pp. 15). Many organizations are focusing on the resource planning and implementing various strategies to improve their human resources. Basically they are trying to integrate the human resource to the business strategies in order to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

Best Practice versus Best-Fit Approach to SHRM

Best-Fit Approach

The Best- fit approach mainly focuses on the significance of assuring that HR strategies of an organization is matching to the whole organization in context to operational processes, culture and external environment (Akhtar, & Daniel, 2008, pp. 17). It focuses on the various ideas of human resource strategies that specify that organization and its people must be taken into consideration. Due to the said reason, critics have this believe that best fit concept has more importance and is vital for few best practices (Inyang, 2010, pp. 23).

Figure 1 presents those factors and processes that are required and has to be integrated in the best-fit approach. It mainly focus on understanding, what does not, and what works therefore, it is the fit which decides what is applicable in usual terms and what lessons are to be learned and that companies can adapt them in order to fit into company's present strategic along with operational requirements (Boxall, 1994). This process starts by doing the analysis of firms business needs within the context of structure, culture, technology along with the process which indicates what has to be done? Further, it can also be used in choosing and mixing various best practice elements, as well as construct and develop an approach that is applied to those which are applicable in such way that is aligned in order to find out various business needs (Akhtar, & Daniel, 2008, pp. 19).

Looking at the other side, it has the flaws, which focus on restrictions of searching for contingency model of Human Resource Management, as well as the issues that occur in showing their connections, also the methods that can change in one variable and have an influence over others. (Armstrong, 2006, pp. 52)

Figure 1: Best-Fit Model of Strategic Human Resource Management

Source; Google images

With the result, the best-fit approach has been a huge appeal to Human Resource follower because of the fact that it has positioned them as first-level strategic partners in every process of management decision making (Shields, 2007, pp. 14). It has occurred because of the rejection of one size fits, all of the approaches will help in widening the range of justifiable judgement which is available to them.(Inyang, 2010, pp. 25)

Best Practice Approach

Overlooking at the different side of the picture, the best practice approach investigates the actual set of HR practices which is applicable in almost every organizational context ...
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