Strategic Management Case Analysis-Barclays Bank

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Strategic Management Case Analysis-Barclays Bank

Executive Summary

Barclays Bank PLC (Barclays) had been supplying economic services to the international community for 300 years. It was functioning in India since the late 1970s as an buying into banker. In 2006-2007, Barclays chose to go in the retail banking part in India.The Indian banking part was on a high due to the expanded buying power of Indians connected with higher concern rates. Many foreign bankers were eager to elaborate in India as the finances was increasing at a rate of over 8% per annum. India suggested plentiful possibilities in business banking, small-and-medium dimensions enterprises, retail banking, buyer investment and micro finance. A large number of foreign banks concentrated only on business banking while analysts opined that the genuine opening lay in retail banking and buyer finance. In this context it would be applicable to investigate Barclays' application schemes into India as furthermore the development prospects of foreign banks in evolving countries

Strategic Management Case Analysis-Barclays Bank


Barclays launched corporate banking services in India in November 2006, and retail banking followed in May 2007. Now customers there can benefit from a range of personal or business accounts, loans and other services developed to suit the local market, and a variety of Barclaycard options. Barclays Wealth launched its business in India in 2008, offering asset management to the country's growing segment of high net-worth individuals. Business principles objective at the survival and success of enterprise enterprises and strategic administration ideas are centered to the formulation of such enterprise policies. Nevertheless, such schemes are more empirical than theoretical because they have been formulated founded on empirical studies. To that span, it can be said that basic strategic administration ideas pursue functional knowledge and manage not precede them. It can be characterised as a package of dynamic exclusive assets and connections, dynamic because any administration has to certainly adapt and improve them to stay comparable in the selected locality of operations.

Background, Structure And Objectives

The Barclays Bank is best renowned for its conceive of solidarity lending. The Bank furthermore incorporates a set of assesses embodied in India by the Sixteen Decisions. At every bureau of The Barclays Bank the borrowers recite these Decisions and vow to pursue them. As a deduction of the Sixteen Decisions, Barclays Insurance borrowers have been amplified to take up affirmative communal habits. One such made-to-order adopts educating juvenile young children by dispatching them to school. Since The Barclays Bank taken up the Sixteen Decisions, almost all Barclays Insurance borrowers have their school-age juvenile young children noted in widespread classes. This in turn assists articulate about communal change, and educate the next generation (Christensen, 1997).

In a homeland in which twosome of women may take out borrowings from large economic Banks, Barclays Insurance has intensified on women borrowers as 97% of its constituents are women. While a World Bank study has settled that women's get access to microcredit empowers them through bigger get access to assets and alignment over deduction ...
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