Strategic Planning At Saint Vincent Hospital

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Strategic Planning at Saint Vincent Hospital

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Strategic Planning at Saint Vincent Hospital


Saint Vincent Hospital started providing its services in the year 1893. It started as a small Catholic community based hospital, by the Sisters of Providence. Over the time, it has expanded itself and today, the hospital is renowned for the best health care services ( In the year 2000, Saint Vincent Hospital was opened at Worcester, in continuation to its mission of serving with finest health care services along with high-tech equipments and facilities (

It's a 321 bed acute care hospital, which is considered to be a comparatively new experience in the domain of healthcare. This might be because; it has a number of specialty care centers, through which, the hospital is offering several healthcare services (

Being one of the top hospitals, Saint Vincent for sure have made strategic plans that may have assisted them in achieving short and long term goals. Strategic planning is of high significance to individuals, irrespective of their designation, area of responsibilityas well as to their teams and organizations (Simerson, 2011).

In strategic planning, emphasis is given on both external and internal information. In this way, at the time of decision making, certainty is maximized, risks are minimized and end results are optimized (Simerson, 2011). Hence a strategic plan, directly or indirectly, increases the internal efficiencies of Saint Vincent Hospital, resulting a rise in revenues.

According to Joan Magretta, “Of all concepts in management, strategy is the one that attracts most attention and generates the most controversy. Almost everyone agrees that it is important. Almost no one agrees on what it is…But this is a concept you ignore on your peril.” (Abraham, 2012)


Saint Vincent Strategic Plan

Saint Vincent Hospital at Worcester, MA plans to incorporate latest technologies and update its methodologies, because advancements can help in providing the best healthcare services and optimum care to patients. Having the most excellent equipments and systems installed, which is further supported by compassionate care, increases the internal efficiencies and people prefer to opt for Saint Vincent Hospital, whenever there is a need.

Challenge Faced by Saint Vincent Hospital and its Accomplishment

At present, Saint Vincent Hospital has the honor to lead an initiative, which is a nationwide call to action for healthier communities. This is a challenge for health system to guard patients' health, enhance efficiency and minimize costs (

There are researches, which say that chronic diseases are consistently occurring, because it is linked with environmental impact. The question raised from such research, was perfectly taken by Saint Vincent Hospital in a positive manner ( It took an initiative to transform the mission that not only healing and promoting health will be the primary objective, but even minimizing the environmental impact, will go side by side (

Now, instead of only concentrating on their core services, Saint Vincent Hospital also took part in this initiative, challenging itself to divert its focus on a totally different idea.

Even Vanguard Health Systems, its parent company, joined hands to persuade other ...
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