Strategies For Successful Online Learning

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Strategies for Successful Online Learning

Strategies for Successful Online Learning


Online learning allows students to access via the Internet to a wide range of courses and programs at the colleges and universities. The online learning brings together colleges, universities and training networks to increase opportunities for learning. Online learning as education technology emerged relatively recently and is due to the appearance of new means of information and communication technologies. Distance learning is a modern versatile technology of professional education focused on the individual needs of students and is based on their specialization. Online learning provides an opportunity for all who want to continuously improve their skills to suit the individual. Online learning system provides students with both basic and additional education on its core activities (Mitchell, 2010).


There are various strategies for the successful online learning. Technology and communication plays the key role in online learning. These strategies include: planning, time management, communication, and technological use.

Strategy of Planning in Online Learning

The online learning needs proper plan to be effective. To start an online course, it is necessary to assume as central and dominant activity for the success of the venture conducting a serious and careful planning of the educational process to be started. However, it is worth repeating, planning cannot be seen as the act of ordering sequentially content, or fragmenting them into tranches representing core concepts to be taught. Plan means pivotally explicit justification, the characterization of the context, the client profile and objectives of a particular project. It is this combination that will define the methodology and its theoretical foundation, which, in a detailed plan, guide and define the contours for the preparation of teaching material. The online learning requires specific forms of interactive and dialogical, strategies for knowledge production and ways to get in everyday applicability of that student, for which it is contextualized (Mitchell, 2010).

Strategy of Time Management in Online Learning

Time management is a critical issue and challenge in online learning for teachers as well as online learners. Each of us can decide how much time we have to spend in the online course to fulfill all requirements. Good management skill gives you the ability to master two very important steps. The first ability is to quickly implement and carry out the tasks. The second ability is to prioritize and organize your day so that the performance of daily duties does not interfere with the process and needs of online learning. The new learning environment, which is the educational platform, requires sophistication of new behavior, regardless of the subject and course you are learning through the e-learning, you have to learn to work on it and the rational use of their time. The issue of time management competence is one of the main issues for online learners. Time management is critical in online learning online. The online educational institutes often spend a lot of time in converting their classroom material in a way that will work in an online environment, but it can actually increase your ...
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