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Talent Identification and Development Strategies in Cricket

Talent Identification and Development Strategies in Cricket


Cricket is currently at the strongest point in its history. There are more players, men and women, from more countries involved in the game than ever before; cricket is followed by more people on television and the internet, in more parts of the world than could have been imagined ten years ago. Most importantly, high quality, innovative and exciting cricket is being played at the international level. In its numerical support base, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, after football. After years of limited development the game has evolved rapidly in the past decade, bringing with it the promise of a truly global sport played in all regions of the world. It is important to place the game today in context. In order to know where the game will go from now, we need to examine how it has got here in the first place.

Research Question

What are the ways through which we can enhance the performance of cricket?

Is mesocycle training is necessary to improve cricket performance?

Literature Review

Early study on groundwork methods disclosed that athletes use a methodical method to arrange for a competition. For example, before vying, some athletes entire ritualistic or superstitious behaviors. Continued study on the mental methods encompassed in groundwork assisted to lost lightweight on those methods that are most productive, for example expanding perception, relaxation, and the use of mental imagery.

Mesocycle Training

The DPU assembly presented usual press-ups from the knees, holding their bodies directly from knee to head, with hands somewhat broader than bears and reducing nearly to the floor. The PPU assembly presented plyometric press-ups from the knees. This workout engages beginning with body upright and arms suspending by the edges, then dropping ahead, expanding arms with a minor angle in the elbow. At communicate the drop is soaked up by a farther angle in the arms until the down high ground shift is halted with the barrel just off the floor. You then impel back up as very fast as likely, expanding the arms rapidly to come back to the start place, accomplishing the next repetition after a four-second rest. If a subject was incapable to impel back to the start place they were permitted to shatter pattern by flexing at the hip at the largest issue to assist themselves back up. By the fifth teaching meeting all topics were adept to present a full plyometric press-up utilising the correct technique.

Mesocycle Training Outline

Training periods in turn are divided into mesociclos are the time frames set by the coach to develop different qualities or psychomotor skills such as habits and skills.

The preparatory period are inherent in the mesociclos.

For the development of general physical preparation

For the development of the Special Physical Preparation

For the development of technical preparation - Tactical

Competitive period corresponds to the mesociclos to obtain forms and Mesocycle sports for stabilization of the sport.

The transit time corresponds to the Mesocycle for active ...
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