Stress And Anxiety In Women

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Stress and Anxiety in Women

Stress and Anxiety in Women


Stress is the factor that affects the physical and mental skills of a person. The reason of causing stress can be numerous which depends to a person to person, and also on the situations. The events that occur in an individual's life which may be, negative can cause stress in life due to which the life of a person become tough and often it become so depressed that people may commit suicide. Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension that is a normal reaction to everyday life stressors. Feelings of anxiety are experienced in momentary instances due to the stress of daily life. When anxiety persists and affects the ability to function adequately in everyday activities, this is considered a sign of anxiety disorder.

Stress, is a mental health disorder, defined as persistent feelings of sadness that interfere with daily functioning. Stress is a continuum of mood disorders that include major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, psychotic Stress, postpartum Stress, and seasonal affective disorder. It is related to disorder, bipolar disorder, includes extreme mood swings that cycle from depressive to maniac states. Stress can occur with either loss of appetite or increased eating patterns. It may also be associated with persistent aches and pains as well as headaches or digestive problems that are not alleviated by treatment. Stress may also be associated with suicidal thoughts or attempts at suicide. Stress, along with stress and anxiety, can lead to self-medication and negative coping mechanisms such as drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, Stress and drug abuse are often Co morbid conditions.


Stress can result from something that happens around us or what happens within us. It can lead to a labor problem, a family crisis or an attack of anxiety or insecurity. It may be intermittent, transient or chronic. The main effect of stress is the mobilization of the system "fight, flight or fear" of the body. Suppose as so often happens in modern life - stress suffered by a person does not require any action. Suppose, for example, that a person comes to a pivotal appointment and caught in a traffic jam. No movement, no escape, no action. In that situation, the relaxation would be more useful than biochemical and psychological changes leading to the system of fight, flight or fear.

If the stress is short there is usually no problem because then, the body will have time to rest. This is what happens when stress is part of a game, a sport or even a relationship. The feeling of euphoria that experienced in these cases is the "positive stress" that, born of stimulating activities that can be abandoned at will. If stress is prolonged beyond the control of the subject, the body cannot rest. The effects of this "negative stress" may begin to appear. (Jones, Bright, 2001)

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