Struggle Of Veterans'

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Struggle of Veterans'



The short documentary of seventy minutes on, “When I came home” is worth watching. This story is based on an immature black inspect, who have suffered from post traumatic anxiety disorder. The veterans fight with full zest in order to receive the reimbursement, which the government of US promised to give. This young guy was living in his car, who continuously tries to delicate ties with his family. This document is one of the finest scripts which win leading film festival awards. This documentary is not aired on televisions, because some nations don't want this issue to be aired online. The issue is very serious which drags two million veterans on roads. The veterans have struggled a lot after the war. The consequences of war were miserable for the Iraqi veterans. After watching this worth documentary, I have identified how the system failed the veterans. I have also identified the miserable consequences of the war on veteran's families. More than two million and counting people suffered from the war.


Post throbbing stress chaos

This documentary diagnoses the Post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans' people. This stress disorder is caused due to rape, kidnapping, torment, plane hurtle and other cruel assaults. I have identified that all the veterans' who returned home after the war, suffered from this disease. The symptoms of this post are loss of curiosity from life, affecting detachment, hyper tension, suicide attempt and explosion of stress. After returning from war, these symptoms affected each and every veteran. The PSTD among veterans is caused because they have experienced freighting and intimidating time during the war. These veterans were not supported by US government because most the veterans' have black or brown skin. The discrimination of ethnicity has been witnessed during the documentary. US have totally ignored the veterans' troops who suffered from war just because their skin color was not white. After returning to the war, these Veterans were not even provided with home to live in with their families. I have witnessed in the documentary that suffered people were living on roads and under bridges. These soldiers were able to survive in the war, but failed to survive the stress and freighting time which they have faced during the war. All the veterans went to stress disorder disease.

System fails the veteran

The young black man is asked one question endlessly, that there is the system of shelter for ...
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