Suicide Prevention Consultation

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Suicide Prevention consultation

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Suicide Prevention Consultation


The suicide and suicide attempts are the most significant public health problem. The increase suicide rates are remarkably uneasy, because it reflects the suffering and distress of a large number of people and in society.

Although 'in recent years, suicide rates are more stable and appear to decline to some extent, somewhat, suicide remains a concern. Every effort must be implemented to reduce the incidence. For example, it is appropriate to increase the recognition signs of distress exhibited by a person, recognize the contribution of family and involve them in the screening. It should also be taken into consideration that in order to ensure to establish a safety net around the person at risk of suicide and offer a clinical follows custom, consultation with the various using these resources in the community (Mondragon 2001).

It has been recognized that the suicide and suicide attempts are an important public health problem that requires the involvement, cooperation and consultation of all members of society to reduce the rate of suicide.


Identification of Scenario

Mental health agency needs to develop preventive plan for suicide consultation attempts and to meet the requirements of her clientele. Consultants can assist in better understanding the relationship between substance abuse and mood disorders, suicidal thoughts and suicidal behavior. Consultants can also help prevent relapse in the planning, creation of a social support network and, if necessary, the direction of the centres of more intensive treatment of mental disorders and alcohol and drug abuse.

Level of Consultation

Ad hoc consultation generally refers to a particular problem. It is normally concerned with the solution of a specific kind of issues that cannot be adopted for other purposes. In case of suicide prevention, ad hoc consultation plays a very significant role, in this form of consultation primary care providers facilitate in assessing the risk of suicide and implementation of therapeutic interventions with the reference of mental health care providers and under the consultations. In the initial level of consultation, health care providers give knowledge and educate front-line clinicians and primary health care providers for the recognition of suicide risk.

Type of Consultation Model - Mediation

The law recognizes two types of mediation: the voluntary mediation and judicial mediation. Where the parties have used a professional mediator, without the intervention of a judge, it is called voluntary mediation. When mediation is ordered by a judge during a procedure, we speak of judicial mediation. It is important to note that mediation is always on a voluntary basis, including through judicial mediation. No one may be compelled to participate in mediation.

Finally, mediation can be seen in the civil, commercial, social or family. Indeed, the mediation of many key materials.

In almost all cases, mediation is possible. The law listed the various materials:

1.Disputes may be settled by transaction (e.g., neighbourhood conflict, a conflict between tenant and owner, compensation for damage ...)

2.Disputes the right of people (child support, hosting children, sharing parental authority);

3.Disputes over legal cohabitation and fact;

4.Specific grounds for divorce, divorce by mutual consent, separation and conversion ...
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