Summary Of Chapter Heaven From The Book Radical Evolution

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Summary of Chapter Heaven from the book Radical Evolution


Joel Garreau is known amongst the bestseller author and has credit of writing many books. He also wrote a great book “Radical Evolution” which is a unique work and acknowledge by many. Apart from being the author of various successful books he is a writer by profession and works at The Washington Post on the post of reporter and editor. Furthermore, his credentials are of immense worth.

The book “Radical Evolution” is a great piece of artwork and highlights the point of us being an important phase of time. While going through the book, we get to know that we are entering into the next stage of the human evolution. At this moment in time human is more inclined towards robotics, changing our brainpower and memories, our personality, working on genetics, rise in various types of other technologies, and maybe also our own spirits. In this book, Garreau also highlights that the comic-book heroes are already being existed in some laboratory or in a hospital. However, the time is near when they are will be normally present between us and become a part of our daily lives. Book also states that will this technological change create a world a heavenly place or will world be consider as hell. However, with the help of scientists, and other immensely technological advance people he came to build this unique book that tells us about the near future and not of the future 50 years ahead.


Since the book is crafted in a sense that the reader may think and think to the greatest of the extent while reading it, similarly, when we come across the chapter “heaven” we see the brighter side of the technological advancement in which everything seems to be perfect. Technology takes us to ...
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