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Summary of the Articles

Summary of the Articles

Summary of Journal Article on Organizational Behavior

Alice H. Eagly

Northwestern University

(1)   Context as the salience of situational feature;

Although prejudicial mind-set organise not habitually make discriminatory demeanor, such mind-set can constraint women's get get access to to administration purposes and foster discriminatory evaluations when they reside at such roles. Social investigators have considered women's get get access to to administration purposes through a large number of enquiries that request regression methods.

To understand gender disparities in administration, such enquiries have very resolute if variables that may contradict between the sexes, for demonstration hours worked per year and kind of occupation, account for gender breaks in wages or advertisements (see Blau & Kahn, 2000; Maume, 2004; U.S. General Accounting Office, 2003). These enquiries investigate if sex still outlooks wages or advertisements even after the penalties of the other variables are controlled-thus making men and women statistically as equivalent as probable except for their sex. Sometimes examiners order not only for dissimilarities between women and men in characteristics for demonstration years of discovering and work know-how, but more over for dissimilarities in the wages arrive back affiliated with such characteristics.


(2)   Context as situational strength;

The gender gap that extends after instituting such controls presents an about of sex discrimination. Such methods have almost customarily shown that women have a discriminatory wages and advancement handicap in evaluation with men. This generalization keeps for enquiries with nationally agency tests as well as for enquiries with more concentrated or constrained tests (sees Eagly & Carli, in press).


(3)   Context as a cross-level effect;

Other tests have investigated evaluations of managers, usually by giving in composing descriptions of managerial demeanor that contradict only in the sex of the leader. An affiliated kind of test investigated subordinates' evaluations of male and feminine managers who had been educated to lead lab assemblies in the equal style. A meta-analysis of 61 of these two types of tests contemplating the evaluation of equivalent male and feminine managers yielded a very little general inclination for participants to consider feminine managers less favorably than male managers, but this devaluation amplified for male-dominated administration purposes and especially for managers with more autocratic and directive procedures (mean d = 0.05 for general bias, 0.09 for male-dominated purposes, 0.30 in autocratic style; Eagly, Makhijani, & Klonsky, 1992).


(4)   Context as an event;

Because these alterations in paid work and discovering are escorted by psychological alterations in the convention of increasing bureau in women (e.g., Twenge, 1997, 2001) and bigger job aspiration (e.g., Astin, Oseguera, Sax,&Korn, 2002), women have carried out many more administration locations than in the past. Women continue to rendezvous impediments to administration interior associations, but many of these impediments can be taken or dwindled by organizational alterations believed to accelerate women's (and minorities') get get access to to and accomplishment in administration purposes (e.g., Kalev, Dobbin,&Kelly, 2006; Rapoport, Bailyn, Fletcher,&Pruitt, 2002; Yoder, Schleicher, & McDonald, 1998).


(5)   Context as a shaper of meaning

Given the deep alterations taking position in women's purposes ...
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