Summary Of The Book Of Acts

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Summary of the Book of Acts

Summary of the Book of Acts


The book of Acts is a narrative book that can be seen as a history of apostles to the Church. There is no concrete evidence about the author of this but most of the biblical and theological researchers believe that Luke was the one who wrote this book (Barclay, 2003). Generally, Acts gives details about the beginning, development and progress of the early Christianity. It would not be wrong to say that without Acts there would be no proof of actions of the Apostles of Jesus during the early development of Christianity (Green, 2004). In fact, the book of Acts has 28 chapters and gives valuable information about the letters of the apostles.

Further, the book also discusses about the gospels and its opposition as Paul is mainly focused in the book (Bruce, 1988). It is also important to know that Paul is known as the most leading apostle in preaching the message of Jesus. However, it is also a fact that it was Paul was enemy of supporters of Jesus. The book also explains that how Paul shows his love to God after his conversion (Domzlaski, 2000). In addition, Acts is composed of 28 chapters and also has some characters such as Paul, Peter, James, John, Lidia, Barnabas, etc.

Acts 1

The first of the Acts explains about the death of Jesus due to crucifixion. It can also be seen in this chapter that Jesus was resurrected from dead at third day. After his resurrection, he showed himself to people that can be seen as a proof that Jesus was alive after his death. He also advised his apostles to stay in Jerusalem and also told them that Holy Spirit will come and give them a miraculous power. This chapter says that apostles would also go to Samaria and Judea in order to deliver the message of Christ to whole world (Ivory, 2012).

Acts 2

Chapter two shows that time of Pentecost and all the twelve apostles were in Jerusalem as per the direction of Jesus. The apostles are baptized as Jesus indicated and they all were filled with the Holy Spirit that enables them to speak in other languages to the Jews who came to Jerusalem from different parts of the world with different languages (Bradd, 2012). Peter started to speak to the crowd in different languages and talked about David and his prophecies about Jesus. Peter asks them to repent and get baptized in the name of holy Christ. This chapter also discusses that Peters had realized that Jews are now regretting for their sin of crucifying Jesus. More than three thousand people get baptized and believed on what Peter told them.

Acts 3

The development of church is also shows in chapter three as hundreds of people started believing about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. This chapter also shows that Peter and John go to the temple in Jerusalem everyday and they met a man who asks them for money ...
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