Super Your Child By Richard Hayes

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Super Your Child by Richard Hayes

Argument Essay

This article is mainly focuses on the betterment or the perfection of human race. The Perfection is in a sense, to make human being smarter and manipulate them, in order to give them the sign of perfection. In the article named “Super Size Your Child”, Richard Hayes wanted to elaborate the same. While elaborating in his article, Hayes presented an overlook on manipulating variables that would help in providing the dramatic effects on the children of the future. In Hayes' article, he succeeds at persuading us to believe in genetic mutation by explaining the advancement science has made in the genetic field.

Richard Hayes article, Supersize Your Child ' discusses the increasingly growing possibility of parents being able to genetically choose the traits of their future children. Hayes argues that such genetically engineering, which was nothing more than science fiction a few years ago has now become a distinct possibility, and in a few years the remaining technological difficulties will be ironed out to make it a reality.

“Supersize Your Child” is supported by much ethos and was written to inform a science based audience about the advancing process of gene mutation. Richard Hayes is the executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society. He also includes many other scientists, bioethicists, doctors, and other prominent knowledgeable people to share their outlooks on the matter of genetic determinism. Hayes grants us permission to assume that the sociobiology of the 1970's are now discredited, due to the fact that they questioned the proof of an I.Q. gene, or even gay genes that determine intelligence and sexuality preference. These scientists have confirmed that some genes have greater influence than others, but yet some don't determine anything.

Richard Hayes in fact makes his first distinct claim by mentioning that, “Humanity would take control of its own evolution and kick it into overdrive” (Hayes 184). This claim offers an ongoing motive that scientists have found ways to modify children and hopes that the process would continue throughout the future. Hayes gives an instance that in fact during the 1950's cloning and artificial chromosomes were said to be impossible, but now these things are daily studies and show progress towards gaining ground on perfecting human beings (184).

Hayes also proposes several other claims, one being that advocates of breeding genetically enriched forms of post human beings predict that the world will eventually be run by the GenRich class and the “Naturals” will work as laborers (185). This bold and inclusive statement offers a slippery slope fallacy, but explains the opinions of people in the field of gene manipulation. Although the pathos surrounding the claim seems to make the statement logically true, but can it physically done is the question to be asked. According to many doctors in this field, this idea seems simple and only years away from happening.

Next, Richard Hayes asserts his view on competiveness for this evolutionary product. He claims that parents would do anything for their child to be ...
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