Supplement Use In Elderly

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Supplement use in Elderly

Supplement use in Elderly

“You are what you eat”, proceeds the well known saying. If that's truly case, then the lot of Americans would appear to be unhealthy, chemically treated, commercially raised slabs of animal flesh. While that is not the particularly pleasant thought, it is nonetheless the description of typical American omnivore who survives on consumption of big Macs and greasy French fries. It's true, and what have average Americans done about this problem? Asked for seconds and tell them that they won't eat much for tomorrow's meal. You already know what you should be doing, exercise for at least 20 minutes every second day, eat correct foods and avoid dangerous substances: smoke and other poisons, toxins and cancer causing chemicals. You need the high level of anti-oxidants to live the long healthy life in our modern world. If you're healthy and eat the well-balanced diet based on Food Guide Pyramid, most nutritionist agree that supplements are unnecessary. (Owen 1974)

A well balanced diet supplies not only recommended daily allowances (RDAs) of all necessary nutrients, but also important no nutrients that vitamin pills lack. Fiber is one of theses nutrients. Nutritionist furthermore accept as true that taking supplements perpetuates awful consuming habits by making you think everything will be alright as long as you get your “vities”. I totally agree that if you eat the nutritional meal then why take any dietary supplements or vitamins. But let's be dependable with ourselves. Who honestly consumes their every day allotted nutrients each day out of their meals? I bet your saying to yourself; well sure I do, because I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have the glass of milk and gram crackers for the late night snack. Hey I even get out of my chair at nights to try to find remote, I'm healthy enough. I would be willing to put money on it, that you not reaching your daily benefits, because only 9% of adults eat the balanced diet. Many people can't or don't even eat some meals during day due to busy schedules.

But it's been said that you do your body more harm eating one or two big meals the day then eating four or five little ones. Even people who consume right don't get large sufficient amounts of antioxidant vitamins which have verified productive in stopping diseases. The usual American diet is well underneath what it should be. A study by National Food Consumption Survey report only 3% of population ate recommended number of servings from four food groups. Only 12% consumed 100% of RDA for all of top nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamin A, B, and C. Over 70% of men and over 80% of women failed to get even 2/3's of RDA for one or more nutrients. Diets in high school students were found to be inadequate as they only consumed 56% of their calories from Basic Four Food Groups. nourishment most often consumed are cakes, confectionary, soda pop, ...