Support Vector Machine (Svm) In Lung Cancer Detection Using X-Ray

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Support vector machine (SVM) in lung cancer detection using X-ray



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This division of the dissertation will present the readings, studies, and literature that will be related to the current researches in relation to develop SVM algorithm in chest X-ray for the treatment and detection of lung cancer. Literature review is a very important to the research and ongoing study to characterize and define lung cancer detection and to explore if the support vector machine can be used in lung cancer detection. A sophisticated, thorough literature review is the inspiration and foundation for useful and substantial research (Boote & Beille, 2005, pp. 15).

The lung cancer theory incorporates social, biological and psychological aspects of illness which are evolved in some past years. But it seems tedious to realize it without exploring initially all the findings which were emerged from the fields related to this condition. The overview of screening of lung cancer has been provided by this section. In this literature review the recent molecular techniques are addressed that will offer fresh opportunities according to the selection of therapy, prediction of survival, and diagnosis.

Lung cancer

The lung cancer is thought to be a malignant disorder in which the cells of lungs become abnormal, characterized by unlimited and uncontrolled growth. Such cells invade the close by usual tissues and the organ structures are then destroyed which a process is known as invasion. The cancer of lungs cells breaks down the tissue structure of the lungs and they enter the lymphatic system and blood stream thus spreading to the varied organs in other body parts, this process is named as metastasis. World wide the cancer of lung is the most common problem having an approximately 1,380,000 deaths and 1,600,000 new cases in 2008 (Jemal , Bray, & Center , 2011, pp. 69). The cancerous cell growth and lung tissue invasion surrounds the tissue and it may interfere with the breathing leading to a variety of symptoms such as hemoptysis or coughing up blood, chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, and cough. If the nerves get invaded by cancer for instance it may cause pain in the shoulders that travels down to the arm (also known ...
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