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Surveillance Security


In this paper, we will discuss about the modern technology regards to the surveillance appliances. Threats faced by the company due to unsecure physical infrastructure, user access control and authentication, network, business continuity. Methods used for compromising communication network protocol by means of hardware platforms and hardware security appliances along with Multi agent system (MAS) and TCP/IP implementations. Recommendations for physical infrastructure policy include surveillance cameras and log user entries. Total cost of cameras. This paper includes, recommendations for user Access control and authentication policy with methods to secure the network, recommendations for network policy along with the implementation of secure network and installation antivirus, recommendations for business continuity policy identifying the disasters, their effects and precautionary measure taken.

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Methods for Compromising Network Communication Platforms5

Physical Infrastructure Policy6

User Access Control & Authentication Policy8

Network Policy9

Business Continuity Policy10




Surveillance is the French word which means “watching over”. Advancement in the technology enhances not only the organizational structure but also the thinking behavior of an individual. People not only want to achieve their goals but also want to have the complete control over their life. Similarly, now a day's organizations of various structures want to have the complete grip over the employees for monitoring their behavior, activities and for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing and protecting the environment of the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Modern era has provided with the gift in the form of surveillance system, which enables the organization to achieve their purposes. If we observe the current environmental situation we will discover various kinds of surveillance in the form of security cameras, telephones, computers, biometric, aerial, cooperative, satellite imagery, etc. Click Mobile Phones Limited is planning to implement a surveillance system to ensure the risk associated with in the company business to maintain at a minimum level. For this purpose, according to the current environmental situations it is suggested to adopt the security cameras and computer surveillance system. These systems will help the company in physical infrastructure policy, user access control and authentication policy, network policy and business continuity policy.



The types of threats faced by the company include employees' negligence behavior, loss of assets, poor customer relations due to delayed processing of orders, threat of theft and burglary, etc.

Moreover, the threat of unauthorized access of internet by accessing restricted sites and unfair use of emails by delivering company personal information to competitors or any other source is also present. Unsecure network communication through which malfunctions and viruses hit the company's network system causing another threat of failure of business operations.

Considering the physical structure of the company there might be the risk of major damage of the ground floor causing a threat for the first floor. Continuous direct, contact of flood water with the ground floor walls of the building causes boundary walls to be weakened.

Methods for Compromising Network Communication Platforms

Usually network communication platforms help and smooth not only the business relationship between the company and the customers but also among the employees of the ...
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