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Survey Plan

A survey generally originates when an one-by-one or organisation is battled with a enterprise difficulty and the living facts and numbers are insufficient. At this issue, it is significant to address if the needed data can be assembled by a survey. If you need input from several persons, should get outcomes rapidly, and need exact data to support enterprise conclusions, then a survey is the most befitting technique.

Research Question: What is the demand for workforce training and career development services?

From doing this questionnaire I hope to discover the public's views on the various aspects of marketing(Malhotra 2006). I will ask questions to find out; best location, what to sell, pricing systems, who the target market will be and the competition (other sports shops in the area).

Myself and three other pupils will create the questionnaire. I will be doing it in this fashion because we will all be able to collect data individually and then put the information together. Each of us will collect one male and one female for each age group (ten in total). This will then give us a larger set of data each, furthermore, making our results more detailed and reliable.

The main aspect to investigate is the competition. By asking questions like, 'What sport shop do you use most?' I will get information on the most popular sport shop (most competition). Also, by visiting the sport shops in the area I will physically view the amount and type of shoppers visiting the sport shops. Finally, the Internet will help with discovering the competition by looking at sales records of the various sport shops(Anderson 1992).

Questionnaires are a cheap and easy way to gather vast amounts of data from a potentially large number of respondents. Often they are the only way to gather many reviewers' results and to ...
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