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Susan Bordo

Susan Bordo

Biographical Information of Susan Bordo

Susan Bordo is a modern feminist philosopher, who was born in 24th January, 1947. Susan Bordo is popular for the contributions she has made in the field of modern cultural which particularly focuses on the body studies. The writing of Susan Bordo put in to a body of gender and the cultural studies which specifically emphasizes on the feminism,; thus, it links to the contemporary culture of consumers straightforwardly to the formation of gendered bodies. Moreover, Bordo is well-known for her Unbearable weight in context of Western Culture, Body, Feminism (1993) and a text that looks at the effect of culture; for case in point, magazines, advertisements, television in shaping the bodies of females at the same time as also focusing on the disorders that females carries which include anorexia nervosa, hysteria, bulimia and agoraphobia and as intricate crystallizations of the culture.

Susan Bordo has also garnered attention for her more recent The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and Private (1999), a text which Bordo describes as being “a personal / cultural investigation of the male bodies from the view points of the womans.” Moreover, Susan Bordo did her is specialization in the modern culture and its association to the body which focuses on the modern disorders of females that include bulimia and anorexia, evolutionary theory, beauty and cosmetic surgery.

Description of Philosophy of Susan Bordo

Susan Bordo is US feminist philosopher, specializing in aesthetics and philosophy of the body. Susan Bordo endeavours to make philosophy accessible to the wider public by not only writing on topics that are of interest to a popular audience, but by writing in a style that is accessible to the public. Bordo brought the body and eating disorders to the forefront of philosophical attention and made them a legitimate area of study with her book Unbearable Weight (1993), which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. In this text Bordo uses the lens of the gendered body to understand how advertising, media and cultural norms have taught women how to see their bodies (Bordo, 1993). She states that 'culture, working not only through ideology and images, but through the organisation of the family, the construction of personality, the training of perceptions as not singularly contributory but productive of eating disorders'. In her 2000 book, The Male Body, she analyses masculinity and male bodies from a feminist perspective, thus contributing to the growing field of masculinity studies. Her other books include The Flight to Objectivity (1987) and Twilight Zones: The Hidden Life of Cultural Images from Plato to O. J. (1999).

Impact of Susan Bordo on Philosophy

The impact of Susan Bordo on philosophy has been significant and imperative, as some feminists argue that the history of western philosophy has assumed and privileged a disembodied knower, in other words a thinker that is free from the biases of a body. Many argue that this arises from Cartesian mind-body dualism, which became the foundation for the rest of modern philosophy ...
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