Symbolism In Like Water For Chocolate

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Symbolism in Like Water for Chocolate


'Like Water for Chocolate' is a love story and about good food located on the Mexico border early twentieth century. Two young people, Tita and Pedro, considered that their love. Tita's mother, Mama Elena decides that her youngest daughter should remain single to care for her in her old age. Amid the smells and flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine, Tita suffers long years to get that forbidden love. Both the movie and the book present the main theme of the novel the struggle for true love between Tita and Pedro, who is hampered by the tradition that exists in this family. It also links this issue with the emotion that Tita prepares recipes, making mourn those who eat it when she is sad and lighting when passion seizes it. The story emphasizes the elements, especially fire and water, which refer to the roots, the natural and the miraculous. The fire also has a sexual meaning, associated with the technique of obtaining fire by friction, connotation which is extended by the storm that forms between lightning and thunder when both come into the hut (Kranz 2003, 177).

Symbols in the movie

A sign of an enjoyable movie is the use of symbolism. The symbolism speaks without words, and discloses unrevealed truth without saying anything openly. This film uses much symbolism as the following examples. When Robert died, Tita left desolated and, she fell into a deep depression. Elena sent to the family doctor for treatment. The doctor told Tita that passion is like a box of matches inside a person. He encouraged her to find what matches or turn on their live without passion for life.

The story is highly symbolic, metaphoric and full of resources elements magic circle in happy and dramatic events are mixed together, in fact, all ...
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