Symbolism In The Literary Works

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Symbolism in the Literary Works

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Symbolism in the Literary Works


The paper compares and contrasts the two literary works namely the journey in The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and I Used to Live Here Once by Jean Rhys. American poet considered one of the founders of modern poetry in his country, to express, simply and deeply philosophical views, life and man's emotions rural New England. His world is tragic but also, due to a philosophy of resignation or an elemental wisdom, tragedy is dissolved in natural events of life, with a slight sense of humor. Behind its rivers, trees, paths and landscape hides the imminence of danger, the potential hazards of nature and the essential mystery of things to which his characters simple, almost primitive, they are confronted. Beauty, for example, can arise from an ice storm, beyond his ruthlessness and destructive power, bringing poetry to a mystery that transcends (Richards, 1965, 11-19). His creatures are crossed in passing to the elements, and in that brief encounter is where poetry occurs to the meeting in a greater than symbol expresses metaphors of the human condition in general. Rhys most works deal with women who are displaced from their natural environments and left to the whim of companies with poor family values ??in a sample of her own experience. Her style is often characterized by its mix of techniques modernist sensibilities and own Caribbean society from which it came.

Robert Frost and Jean Rhys emphasize on one significant theme that journey. The writers have displayed the similar theme but with different point of views. Each of the work shows a specific journey through which change in life can occur. Out of various aspects in these works, one thing common is that no matter what path does a person take there are obstacles standing in the way to discourage the journey. The literature has various characters, symbolism, content and context despite having similar theme. The choice of these two literary works made to have an insight into the hardships that people face during the journey f life and how they overcome them.



Robert Frost, Eudora Welty and John Rhys posted their views on the theme of journey in their works. All recognize the possible distance trips to various topics in their work. In the poem "Road Not Taken" Robert Frost describes a brilliant choice of the person in his life and his impact on the future. The poem shows a selection of people and the way today, what impact have to be in the long run. t also shows that when people reach a point where they have no choice but to accept the decision, now it all depends on how the problem or the fact that very few people, you have a solution can be treated for their problems (Richards, 1965,11-19).

One must choose the path, and then, when the journey begins, it is difficult and almost impossible to keep track of the ...
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