Synoptic Gospels (A10-3)

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Synoptic Gospels (A10-3)

Synoptic Gospels (A10-3)

If one fully acquainted with the opening of the four Gospels of the New Testament, then he or she can find a lot of similar models of literature and the provision of attention to detail and learn. This is something that someone, such as Merriam Webster would define as "the Synoptic Gospels. So, what and how can we explain the similarities and differences between the synoptic authors Matthew, Mark, Luke and the Gospel of John? Which book was written in the first place? To what extent Evangelists depends on oral tradition, written sources, or with each other? Phenomena and the mysteries of them the same, but the unique synoptic Gospels for centuries disputed some of the best minds in academia and the church, inciting a lot of scientific disputes; understand the many New Testament students review.

To fully understand the similarities and differences between the Synoptic Gospels, we must first get acquainted with the authors of them, we must distinguish against the background of their lives, skills and experience, literature styles and professions. We must also ask questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? The first is a very important question, which I would like to ask, "Who? Who were those of the author, which challenge our hearts and minds, and taught us of Jesus' life, ministry and value? Total New Testament books of Matthew. It was written by the author, Matthew, to show clearly that the "King" came. Matthew, a Jew, was very literate.

He was despised tax collector, who subsequently changed his life completely and lived for Jesus, and became one of his "12 disciples. Matthew sent this gospel to his fellow c.60-65 AD, to prove that Jesus is the Messiah and explain the kingdom of God that He has in store for all people. The Jews were waiting for a leader who had been promised centuries before by the prophets. They believed that this leader of the Messiah ("anointed one") would save them from their oppressors and Roman establish a new kingdom. Because their king, he will rule the world based on justice.

Of these last 76 are the classic, 15 were first introduced Matthew, or at least it was the first writer in which they were found, 8 words were employed for the first time Matthew and Mark, and 15 other Matthew and other New Testament writer . It is likely that at the time of the Evangelist, all these words were present. Matthew has many peculiar expressions which help to give color decided his style.

Thus, it uses 34 times the expression Basileia ton ouranon, it is never found in the Gospels of Mark and Luke, who, in parallel paths, to replace its TU Basileia you, it happens 4 times in the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew begins his account by giving the genealogy of Jesus. Then he talks about Jesus' birth and early years, including the Flight into Egypt from the murderous Herod and their return to ...
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