System Development And Project Management

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System Development and Project Management

System Development and Project Management

The System Development Life Cycle

The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) serves as a method that assures Information Systems (IS) being developed meet the requirements and needs of an organization or company. This methodology creates processes and guidelines managing the planning? system analysis? design? implementation? and maintenance of IS within a company. The primary objectives of any SDLC are to implement an IS that: 1.) meets or exceeds customer expectations? 2.) work efficiently and effectively with the current and planned information technology structure? and 3.) are inexpensive to maintain and cost-effective to upgrade (DOJ? 2000.) The SDLC system provides an overall structured approach IS system development? maintenance and operation.

The five phases of the SDLC must be executed sequentially and are extremely dependent on the success of the previous step. The first three steps are the most critical of system development. If during the later phases of system development a problem is identified or arises? the likelihood of successful implantation and operation are small and all of the work in the previous steps is wasted. Therefore much time is spent in planning? analysis and system design? so no rework is required.

System Planning

The first phase of SDLC begins with the identification of a need for new business technology. At this point a veteran IT project manager is chosen to head the project. Once a concept is developed? it is reviewed to determine its feasibility and appropriateness: Will it enhance the company? Is it worth investing in? Will it be user friendly?

During this crucial phase? it is important to define the problem and distinguish from the symptoms. Equally important is to clearly document the business need so that all? including management? are aware of the need for new information technology.

Systems Analysis

In this phase ...
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