Tata Motors In Uk Market

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Tata Motors in UK Market

Table of Contents

Project Title3


Background of the Research3

Research problem3

Research aim and objectives5

The Delimitation6

Significance of the Study6

Reliability & Validity Concerns7

Ethical Considerations8

Literature Review9

Application of Theoretical Models9

Evolution of Tata Motors10

Tata Motors in UK market12

Research Design14

Study population and sampling15

Data Collection16

Quantitative Research16

Gantt chart17

Data Analysis18

Appraisal limitations19



Tata Motors in UK Market

Project Title

A Strategy Based Analysis of Issues Related To the Evolution of Tata Motors in India and There Entering Into the UK Market


Background of the Research

India's automobile industry is growing and is a well-established industry of the country. The country is expanding in the manufacturing lines as the local auto manufacturing base. India has the huge potential for the vehicle manufacturing industry in the local level as well as outsourcing and exporting it. The business generated by the automobile industry of India accounts for $45billion. Tata automakers are the largest auto manufacturing company in India. The revenues earned by the Tata Motors are both in the local scale as well as the global scale. The aim of the research is to discuss the issues faced by Tata Motors in its evolution and also issues faced by Tata Motors when it entered the UK market (Kamala & Doreswamy 2007, 1).

Research problem

The Problem or issue that will be addressed in the proposal will be relating to the market strategy that the Tata Automobiles have been using since there commencement in India in relation with market forces in the country and how these market forces helped them strategically in preparing for the global act of entering the UK market with the takeover of two European automobile giants The Land Rover and The Jaguar (Barich & Kotler 2002, 94).

The research will be particularly made upon the kind of strategies that Tata automobiles have been using since its commencement in 1945 as a locomotive producer and how it evolved till 1991 and the kind of changes the strategies had after 1991 and how this helped them to enter the UK market later, because before the year 1991 Indian Government was using a restrictive trade policy so there were not much changes that was made in the strategies of the company. But after the year 1991 Indian Government was forced by the World Bank to adopt the policies of Globalization, Liberalization and privatization because the country was running under huge amount debt. When this (i.e. adoption of the policies) happened few domestic automobile industries closed down and a few where taken over. While Tata motors strived through this phase with the help of the effective strategy implementation. Over a period of time they realized their potentials and the variety aspects and flexibility that they had in their strategies and functioning which the Indian market forced them to develop over a period of more the 70 years (Kotler 2003, 115).

The Indian market has seen an upside down changes in two decades i.e. between 1991-2012. In the automobile market the growth has been quite a bit. Before the year 1991 the automobile market in India did ...
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