Teaching Youth About Sex At An Early Age

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Teaching Youth About Sex At An Early Age


In some locations, sex is still advised taboo to talk particularly in open occasion. Lack of sex education in the nation is dangerous because it makes young children vulnerable to sexual assault and sexually transmitted diseases. Studies show that most of the youth today become sexually active. But the poorer is they proceed without having unquestionable information about reproductive health. This lack of information can augment the risk of unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Here, sexual health education can be the answer of assisting juvenile persons to avert these problems and advance their future reproductive health.


Since many high schools engage sex education as one of the subjects, talking about sex is not taboo anymore. Good sex education will let the youth to talk without coercion about sex and its relationship to interpersonal relations, dynamics inside a relationship, love, family and his/her future. It is routinely talked in an open way so that the atmosphere in the classroom is comfortable and they manage not seem shy when asking questions. Then, the next step is choosing the suitable procedure in sex education. You may gaze on the calendar, it is stated that one time a year is celebrated as International AIDS day. On that day, High School teacher may ask the students to visit persons with AIDS in hospitals or in their homes. This activity will make the patient seem solace and get the support. Students will glimpse this activity as a lesson for them not to have unsafe sex. Another mighty procedure is exposing students to subjects such as unwanted pregnancy and abortion through films. Next, it can be preceded with discussion. Teacher may perform a function play where the challenge is to express them in an open way as if they were in that situation. Roles plays can be very productive teaching devices if it is correctly done. Another procedure of teaching sex education is having the students load up out questionnaires about AIDS.

Many students perhaps have heard about the AIDS disease so this is the chance to make sure they understand its causes and what it is exactly. The questions can be how to decrease chances of contamination by taking birth command pills, the possibility of getting AIDS by donating body-fluid or by oral sex, etc. the results of the questionnaire can be discussed to emphasize student's knowledge. This activity can also focus ...
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