Technological Determinism Vs. Technological Momentum

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Technological determinism vs. Technological momentum

Technological determinism vs. Technological momentum

Technological determinism is in tougher stance, defending the technology as the driver of change in society, relegating humans to a role clarinet and secondary and suffering.

Technological determinism is idea that technical forces determine social and cultural changes. This position is similar to that maintained by Jared Diamond , Marvin Harris and Karl Marx for whom the material factors, including technology and other resources severely limit social developments, although none of the three authors is a deterministic itself. (Fleming, 1997)

In this paper we will discuss the two sides' i.e. technological determinism and momentum from perspective of social development and benefits of society as the ultimate results of all the development made for society and individuals in it. (Furbank, 2006)

The process of social, political and economic context is very complex. The change can affect many factors and can understand the performance of several simultaneous processes. First, many occasional factors, single or random influence the processes of change. For example, geography may influence the fact if a civilization develops a large facility or several smaller centers. Similarly, the presence or absence of specific individuals can be decisive in the way that takes a society. Consequently, the precise arrangements for a society and concrete roads that runs by, for example in terms of development, not be the same if we take such different societies.

On the other hand, there are systematic or common processes affecting all societies. For example, a successful development often requires a basic degree of social mobilization, structural differentiation, development of free resources, specialization and diversification of social organizations, and a stable polity and flexible. The analysis of social, political and economic development can be best carried out in response to a combination of systematic factors and other unique, random or occasional. (Fricker, 1997)

Instead of acknowledging that society, culture and politics interact with technology, even going to change, as most sociologists believe the modern followers of technological determinism is the view that technological advancements are main cause of social change. Some, known as the "extreme" or "hard", even present the technology in general, or any technological innovation in particular, as the only engine of social change on a large scale. (Borgmann, 1989)

Scientific and technological power, idea is forwarded by Thomas P. Hughes, said the decision of the doctrine of the technical ideas presented, indicating that both the technical ...
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