Teen Mothers

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Teen Mothers and their Children

Teen Mothers and their Children

There are many different problems that teenagers face today. Some of these problems are great like drugs and alcohol, while some are minor like pimples. But among these problems teen pregnancy is a major one. Teen Pregnancy is on the rise in the world today. There are many reasons why teen pregnancy is happening and there are many problems that go along with it. But there are solutions to the problems as well.

Teen Pregnancy is a major problem today because of many reasons. Societal changes are a main reason. Society portrays sex as such a wonderful experience without showing the real consequences. They see it on the TV and they hear it in the music the listen to. Teens dont realize the repercussions of sex. Some teens do not have a positive surrounding at home. Teen girls may not have anyone to love, and feel having a baby might fill that void. Parents are an important influence on their childrens decision about sex, love and values. They also influence whether their child becomes pregnant or cause pregnancy. Parent/Child relationships influence teens sexual activity and can make a big difference. A lack of knowledge about STDs, aids and pregnancy is also a reason why teen pregnancy is happening. Many teens havent heard exactly what they need to know about teen pregnancy. Because of the home situation or at school.

Being a teenage mother is a difficult task. There are many difficult decisions and problems they must endure and consider. Some decisions include keeping the baby, putting him or her up for adoption, or getting an abortion are all complicated, and a lot of times important people like the baby's father or the parents want something different than the teen girl does. According to ...
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