Teen Pregnancy And Obesity

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Teen Pregnancy and Obesity

How systemic factors affect personal behaviors such as teenage pregnancy and obesity? Discuss three specific structural factors that create disparities in the rates of pregnancy and obesity. Use examples from at least three related chapters / readings course in support of their response.

In a study of first-time adolescent mothers who gave birth in an urban hospital, the researchers found that obese girls were more likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy or requiring a cesarean during labor.

In the past, some of the main concerns of pregnant teenagers have been its tendency to poor nutrition and inadequate weight gain during pregnancy.

However, the increasing rate of adolescent obesity can "justify a change in our approach to include the specific risks of obesity," researchers wrote in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology.

For the study, Dr. Sina Haeri, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and colleagues reviewed the records of 458 adolescents who gave birth in Washington, DC, the hospital more than four years. Most mothers were African American.

In general, the study found, girls who were obese before pregnancy were four times more likely than their normal weight counterparts to develop gestational diabetes - a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy increases a woman's risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later.

Obese girls were also about four times more likely to need a cesarean section, which echoes the results of studies of adult women. The high rate of caesarean section is particularly worrisome in girls, Haeri and colleagues in mind, given their increased risk of post-operative problems, such as infection.

What determines the overall systemic health of an individual and welfare? Howden inequality contribute to and reflect the disparities in the health of an individual? Also, discuss how patterns of consumption of illegal drugs (including illegal use of prescription drugs) reflect these differences. Use examples from at least four course readings in your response.

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