Teenage Pregnancy

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Increase in Teenage Pregnancy


The research paper discusses teenage pregnancy in the UK and the impact it has made on teenagers. It presents a review of literature regarding teen pregnancy intervention programs and their reported effectiveness in reducing teen pregnancy along with the analysis of possible risk factors that contribute to teen pregnancy. While studies suggest that numerous risk factors may contribute to a teen girl becoming pregnant, this paper shows that no one risk factor is the sole cause for teen pregnancy. The paper also revealed that adolescent pregnancy prevention programs must go beyond sex education and health information in order to permanently reduce the number of teen girls that become mothers. Adolescent pregnancy crosses all ethnic and socio economic groups and prevention and intervention programs must address and be sensitive to ethnic cultural and socioeconomic differences.

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Purpose Statement2

Aims and Objectives2

Research Question3


Research Method3


Literature review4

Prevalence History5

Adolescent Development5









Consultations and Contraception10

Futuristic Approach10




Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy is of significant concern in the UK with the major sharing rate of teens aged fifteen to nineteen is of higher distress for the Nation's health and wellness. It has become a global problem raising fears for all the people, concerned with health and wellness of teen aged mothers and their kids. The UK is fighting with the harms linked with adolescents pregnancy for families associated with the issue as well as the Britain society as a whole. The difficulties of teenage pregnancy charm the researchers to identify range of the factors of the key issue like sexual behavior of adolescents and knowledge regarding the use of contraceptive measures.

The morals of society have changed and have contributed towards a rise in teenage pregnancy, because in the earlier days it would have never been an option of having a child outside of marriage whereas now it is more than accepted in modern day society, where this well embraced. Even though in the earlier days, people were encouraged to got married and had children at a young age as there was a shorter life expectancy. This can be seen as a problem in society because it costs the government a great amount of money each year to house and help towards the child and the parent.

In most circumstances, teenage parents do not have the finances to take on the responsibility of a child. Factors like social pressures and expectation also contribute towards the rise in teenage pregnancy in present day society; create a big pressure from friends and peers about having boyfriends and girlfriends and having sexual contact (Singh, Darroch, 2010, 15). There has been an increase in the media that is focused on teenage pregnancy and this does somewhat is both positive and negative effect on young people. On the other side it can be bringing across the fact that teenage pregnancy is accepted in this society and that it is ok also this could be making it look as though this is what every teenager should be a teenage ...
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