Telecommunicationmunication Market In India: Case Study Of Reliance Communications

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Telecommunicationmunication Market in India: Case study of Reliance Communications



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In this study we try to explore the concept of “Telecommunicationmunication Market in India” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “Telecommunicationmunication Market in India” and its relation with “Reliance Communication”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “Telecommunicationmunication Market in India” and tries to gauge its effect on Indian economy. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for “Telecommunicationmunication Market in India” and tries to describe the overall effect of “Reliance Communication” on “Telecommunicationmunication Market in India”.

Telecommunicationmunication Market in India: Case study of Reliance Communications

Research aims and research objectives

The aim of this study is to critically examine the telecommunicationmunication market in India with particular reference to Reliance Communications.

Objectives of the study

• To recognize the development and consumer preferences in the telecommunication industry.

• To examine the Reliance Communication services and its growth in the telecommunicationmunication industry.

• To analyze and appreciate the existing market situation in the telecommunicationmunication industry.

Commercial viability of the study: In today's scenario, communication has become much faster day by day by telephones, internet, media etc. One of them is a growth of the telecommunication sector. Today many organizations provide services for the telecommunication purpose. This study will help to understand customer preferences and their satisfaction by the services provided by different organizations


Spending on information technology (IT) is expected to grow substantially during the forecast period, and so the industry is likely to become even more prominent in India than it is already. By 2015 spending is forecast to reach US$55.8bn, more than half of the forecast level of spending in Germany (TRAI, 2008, pp. 77-84). IT is already one of the flagship subsectors of India's services-driven economic system, and its importance in the overall economy is unlikely to diminish. In the medium and long term, the Economist Intelligence Unit expects to continue to see a shift up the value-added chain as the industry continues to diversify from lower value business-process outsourcing (BPO) and embraces higher value-added subsectors such as IT consultancy and engineering off shoring, and eventually research and development and new-technology development. Indian telecommunicationmunications business is thriving and the nation's cell phone industry is among the best mounting on the globe. The quantity of cell phone users increased from 28M (2003) up to 635.5M as of end-June 2010, motivated by increasing returns, superior antagonism, declining costs, prepaid choices, and insistent promotion operations (TRAI, 2008, pp. 77-84).

The prospective for expansion in India is immense. The middle class as defined by the country'scomparatively low-income standards is huge plus mounting hastily. In 2010 more than 140m households (or 64% of the total) had yearly revenue in surplus ...
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