Terrorism And Drug Trafficking

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Protecting our borders against Terrorism & Drug smuggling


In the current era, terrorism is the most re-occurring event on this planet. Every other day, we get to hear about hijacks, bomb blasts, assassinations, killings and other brutal terrorist activities. Many of such terrorist activities are carried out on the basis of Islamic jihad while others are carried out by new emerging terrorists in different areas of the world. There are a lot of terrorist agencies operating throughout the world who are fully resourced and work out according to their plans with all the ease. It is said that almost one third of all terrorist activities are carried out against the Americans and the rest attacks occurred in the Soviet Union and other areas.

Thesis Statement

In the current era, the world is immensely affected by terrorist activities globally. Every other day, thousands of people, directly or indirectly, are being hit by terrorism.


Terrorist are normal people as far as the physical look is concerned but if they have to be judged on activity basis and other characteristics, they are wild beasts with no respect for any caste, color, religion, nationality etc. they are only focused on their own targets i.e. killings , bombings , hijackings etc . They are normal citizens but they do not have any sort of feeling of citizenship for any place in the world. At present, terrorism is a one-sided conflict that the United States is losing. American fighters and people are being killed in the war. Unfortunately, the United State is not curing terrorism like war. The restricted conflict forces chosen for the President by the Congress are not sufficient and aren't utilized in a methodical way to beat the enemy (Cohen, 1988). If we are to win the conflict contrary to terrorism, we should recognize that ...
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