Terrorist Attacks In U.S.

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Terrorist Attacks in U.S.

The Probable attack by Terrorist on US Soil


Providing security has been the principle element for the United States of America to its citizens. Illicit activates and terrorists' attacks have always been a major threat to the citizens of the United States of America. It has been observed in the past that America has been under threats and attacks by its enemies every now and then. The main target of enemies is not actually America, but its citizens, no matter where in the world they are situated. It is because of this reason the US intelligence has been on high alert since long. These activities do not only bring harm to the lives of American citizens but also, are a big threat to its economy. War on terror might sound like a new slogan for the United States, but this nation has actually been fighting the war on terror, from a very long time. Terrorists have attacked and harmed American citizens in every part of the world. In most of the terrorist cases, culprit has been found guilty, but then, certain foes were still at large, even then. A credible amount of threats followed by attacks have made the life of these people miserable. If we cover the history, people have been trying to invade the States for good. These constants attacks on the US citizens have molested their life. The physical and financial devastation has been a part of the American history.

A list of these attacks is as under:



Held Responsible


30 US hostages kidnapped, Terry Anderson was held for 2,454 days

Lebanese citizens were held responsible




Suicide attacks and bomb blasts in different places killing 310 U.S citizens

The Islamic Jihad was held responsible

April - Dec


Suicide attacks killing 26 U.S. citizens in Lebanon and Kuwait

None were claimed responsible

Oct - Dec


Bombing and Terrorist attacks at different places

Hezbollah terrorists and Libya were linked to it.




Bomb exploded in Greece and Germany killing 6 U.S Citizens

None were claimed responsible for the attack

April 2-5



Flight was exploded by terrorist bomb in Scotland, killing 270 people.

After 15 years Libya formally admitted responsibility of the attack

Dec. 21


6 U.S Citizens were killed in new York when Bomb exploded in the basement of World Trade Center

Al-Qaeda involvement was suspected

Feb. 26



Car bomb exploded outside federal office Timothy McVeigh and Terry


building, killing 168 U.S citizens

Nichols later convicted





Truck containing explosive material was exploded outside the military complex at Khobar Towers. This attack killed 19 American servicemen

Islamic militant group Hezbollah was held responsible




224 killed in Kenya Tanzania as truck bombs exploded, near 2 of the U.S. embassies

Osama bin Laden, was held responsible and he remained at large.

Aug. 7


Boat loaded with explosives blew up killing 17 sailors, in Yemen

Linked to members of al-Qaeda terrorist network and Osama Bin Laden.

Oct. 12


World Trade Center was hit by 2 jets and Pentagon was also exploded when Hijackers crashed 2 gets

Islamic al-Qaeda terrorist group blamed

Sept. 11



12 U.S citizens were killed in a bomb explosion in Karachi, Pakistan, outside the American ...
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