Tesco-Business & Financial Analysis

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Tesco-Business & Financial Analysis


Chapter I: Introduction3

Tesco Background3

Brief information & Aims and Objectives3

Industry Activities4

Chapter II: Information Gathering5

Chapter III: Analysis on Last Years (2007 & 2008)6

Financial Analysis-Ratios6

Part I: Table of Absolutes & Ratio Analysis6

Business Analysis9


Chapter IV: Conclusion14





Chapter I: Introduction

Tesco Background

Tesco is one of Britain's leading food retailers and has 586 stores though out Great Britain. From 1992 Tesco has grown greatly and has increased its market share from 10.4% to 15.2%. This increase in customers has also given Tesco a large amount of profit. (Pendlebury and Groves 2006 89)

Brief information & Aims and Objectives

Tesco is one of the largest food retailers in the world, operating over 3,200 stores. The group is also one of the largest online food retailers. The group launched Tesco direct to market its non food offerings online. With the opening of a new channel to market its non food merchandise, the group seems well placed to leverage its position in online food market for non food market.

Contains corporate strategy, value chain presence and SWOT Analysis Provides detailed business description, segment analysis, 5-year financial trends, key products and key competitors Includes information on suppliers/ partners, shareholding structure and key employees with biographies (Kaplan and Atkinson 1998 56)

The aim of this study is to analyze the business and financial performance of Tesco. The financial analysis will consists of ratio analysis and the business analysis will be done through SWOT analysis. The objective is to find out the feasibility for investor whether or not they should invest in Tesco Inc.?

Industry Activities

Tesco is one of the largest food retailers in the world and largest food retailer in the UK. It operates around 3,300 stores. In addition to food, it also operates in the non food segment. The group operates through multiple store formats including Extra, Superstore, Metro, Express and hypermarkets. The group operates in three geographical segments: the UK, Rest of Europe and Asia. The group is one of the largest online retailers in the world. Tesco has a long term strategy for growth, based on four key parts: growth in the Core UK, to expand by growing internationally, to be as strong in non-food as in food and to follow customers into new retailing services. (Holmes 2003 63)

Chapter II: Information Gathering

This research is based on the secondary data. The research methodology used is the survey of various literature as available online. This research involved studies in detail the news, articles from journals, and online material available on the web. Using the methodology tested in previous studies, this study began with a broad review of the literature. This research also includes different comments of managers. The findings and conclusions are based on the secondary data. Secondary research (also known as desk research) involves the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research rather than primary research, where data is collected from, for example, research subjects or experiments.

The methodology used for the purpose of this research is based on the secondary data. This research is more or less based on the literature ...
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