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The perceptions of Libyan Students and Teachers towards Motivational Strategies in Learning English

Table of Contents


Chapter 16


Statement of Problem9

Purpose of the Study10

Chapter 213

Literature Review13

English Teachers' Sense of Efficacy in the EFL Setting13

Concepts of Time21

Markers that Index Social Performances22

Attitudes of English Learners and Teachers Toward the English Language in the “Expanding Circle” Context26

Chapter 328

Research Methodology28

Quantitative Data: Survey Questionnaire28

Population and Sampling28

Qualitative Data: Interviews and Classroom Observations30


The ESL Classroom as a Social/Ecological Totality31

Research Design33

Main Participants: Libyan Students35

Data Collection37


Chapter 440

Results and Findings40

The English Teaching System43

Being a specialist teacher43

Preferred teaching system44

Education in Libya46

Discussion of Textual Analysis and Conversation meetings47


Chapter 554


Language Use in Educational Settings54

Role of Space in Learning55

Role of Cultural and Literacy Practices in Learning60



The Relationship between Language and Identity69

Chapter 679

Summary and Conclusion79

Significance and Contributions of the Study85



Many investigators have analysed and characterised motivation in second and foreign dialect learning. A very broad delineation suggested by Gardner (1985) is the span to which the one-by-one works or strives to discover the dialect because of a yearn to manage so and the approval skilled in this undertaking (Gardner, 1985, 10). Scholars have elaborated on Gardner's delineation and how it sways dialect learning. However, as Oxford and Shearin (1994) argue, comprehending motivation is hindered  by a need of agreement as to the delineation of motivation.  

This dissertation discovers the span and the modes Omani Muslim's persona is influenced when composing in English as a second language. This study hunts for to gain insight into the connection between these Arabic speakers in Libya's present inhabits and outlooks and composing in ESL.

It is protected to suppose that English presents the participants with the entails to seem free and assured, and to accept as factual in themselves; at the very smallest this devotes them wish to be unaligned in their opinions. The English dialect may assist these Libyan persons in evolving their persona and discovering certain matters and topics, but it does not rub out the boundaries and constraints affiliated with their heritage and language. These persons all cited alterations they wish to glimpse in their humanity, particularly with esteem to their place and status. The dissertation concludes with proposals and recommendations for Libyan persons and other English learners. It complements what is renowned about second dialect composing and identity. This study has furthermore presented before calmed persons and their knowledge to the out-of-doors world and aided them in discovering bigger matters about their own knowledge and persona, as it supplied a stage for these women to present their knowledge and convictions to the world out-of-doors their community. Also, the outcomes acquainted teachers who educate English or composing abilities in Libya and elsewhere.

Chapter 1


During 18 years of teaching English language learners (ELLs) in closets, boiler rooms, locker rooms and other designated classrooms, I have found that the physical space assigned to me as the English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher reflects public school administration's concepts of the importance of the ESL program. This space designation impacted my subsequent actions with my ELLs. In one of my first years of ESL ...
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