Texas Criminal Justice

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Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Texas Department of Criminal Justice


The basic function of Texas Department of Criminal Justice is to provide protection, safety, to bring positive changes in the behavior of the offender, to make offenders a good person in the society, and to help and assist victims of crime. The agency has outlined five key functions in its mission statement (Texas Department of Criminal Justices, 2005). The detailed description about the functions of Texas Department of Criminal Justice will be discussed in the study.


In this study, we will try to cover all the functions of Texas Department of Criminal Justice, also try to evaluate each of them whether they work according to the mentioned criteria or not.

Provide Diversion to Traditional Prison Incarceration by the Use of Unique Tools

It is the primary function of Texas Department of Criminal Justice to provide financial assistance to the offenders to revalue their lives. In addition, the department also provides grooming courses for offenders in order to avoid such offences in future. The department also helps in building a corrective society by making necessary amendments (Texas Department of Criminal Justices, 2005).

Provide Supervision to Reintegrate the Offender into Society

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice also provides supervision to offenders to re launched them into society (Texas Department of Criminal Justices, 2005). The process of supervision starts by identifying the innate talent in offenders, and then it is also duty of the department to accommodate them accordingly. This is done by offering them different opportunities. The department also assures that the offender they are dealing with, should not involve himself in any illicit or immoral activity, in the future. The department makes offenders realize that these illicit activities of theirs can lead them to a miserable life.

Provide Them Continuous Care System

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice helps the offender in meeting their diverse needs. This is done by continuous care provided to the offender. The department provides them not only financial help, but also moral assistance. The offender recognizes his norms and values, and adjusts himself accordingly. So far, the department has proved its efforts to be successful. The department is also working on several other projects. It is believed that the department do not only helpful to society by providing justice to the victims, but also make changes in society by helping the offender to start a new life (Byock , 2002).

Provide Confinement, Supervision, Rehabilitation and Reintegration to Adult Felons

In this function, the basic provision, is to confine the offender for his offence, then supervise their activities after confinement. The next step is to rehabilitate them according to given circumstances, and standards of society. The final step is to reintegrate the offender into society. This function will not only help to curb the menace of crime, but will also save many valuable lives and talent (Byock , 2002).

Provide Adequate Housing and Support Facilities

The principal purpose of this function is to provide the offender best housing facility available, and then ...
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