Textual Analysis In Context

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Textual Analysis in Context

Through analyzing "a new life a new change" and "mother tongue, literacy narratives feel that great art takes inspiration, and inspiration comes from numerous different sources. It is a direct experience of life; it arrives from nature, from God; or it might be a person who is close to you. Without inspiration, every work of art is considered to be a mere reflection of skill without its own story. The textual analysis of literacy narrative essay" A new life a new change" is an essay which is based on a lifetime experience and it has a great impact on shaping personal character. Through reading, Amy Tan's "Mother tongue" essay, we shall learn so many ways which Tan has used to grab th reader's attention and also makes them want to know more (Bloom, pp:26).

Through analyzing Amy Tan herself writes all of her work with her mother in brain as the reader, her inspiration. She writes to display the beautiful and passionate side of her mother that people can't see. In "Mother Tongue", Amy Tan recounts how all of the English that she grows up with usual English accent and "mother tongue" English shapes her first outlook of life (Bloom, pp:76).

“Mother Tongue,” and its analysis in, "A new life, a new change" elaborates events, flashbacks, anecdotes and some imagery. By analyzing "A new life, a new change" textual analysis notices the detailed events which throws into the reader's mind an image of every moment making the essay more enjoyable for readers. On the other hand, reading this textual analysis essay allows us to notice the lack of details and also dialogue which Tan uses. Tan's main ideas in “Mother Tongue,” are how languages affect all of us. Analyzing “Mother Tongue, one can notify that the writer has had experiences in what she is writing about. Amy is Asian and there are a lot of serotypes about Asians not being good at writing. Amy believes that one of her leverages for writing comes from other people who believe that Asian only become engineers. She wants to disprove stereotypes and in her own words, “I happen to be rebellious in nature…”

Textual analysis of "A new life a new change" starts off by telling the events which will began the story. The detail shows when it says: "As textual analysis will fad off into depression for several days, sitting by myself in my room staring at the walls and thinking of how things are going to change". The use of metaphor in the words "faded into depression" makes this phrase exciting which textual analysis becomes short of. Also the imagery used in this sentence shares with that moment the image of a child sitting and staring at the walls. Through analyzing Amy Tan's "mother tongue" essay also mentions a moment when she says "I am sitting there red-faced and quiet". The difference in both sentences shows the extra details such as the word "red-faced" which textual analysis is short ...
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