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Textual Connections


Emerson self-reliance is similar to The House Season 2 Episode 16 as Melinda Bardach is a 16-year-old girl in the house Season 2 Episode 16, which is fatally allergic to penicillin, bee stings, and peanuts. Due to injuries from a car accident, she also needed a heart transplant. She lives in a specially designed clean rooms, and it is not allowed to leave except to visit the doctor. When friends come to visit, they have to scour down and put on a mask. Another Melinda visits her, and she wants to kiss her.

As in episode 16 he bows down to kiss her, he observes hives on her skin. After a few seconds, she was wheezing and shortness of breath angioedema occurs mother rushes in and gives her a shot of epinephrine to stop anaphylaxis self-sufficiency "has taken shape over a long period of time.


Throughout his life, Emerson kept a comprehensive periodical of his thought and action, and he returned to them as a source for his many essays. This is the case with "Self-Reliance", which includes the components of the periodic applications to come up with back in 1832 (Allen 135). In addition to its periodicals, Emerson drew on a variety of addresses he sent between 1,836 and 1839 gg.

This part is similar to the real world when Melinda is allowed to serve at home, she underwent a "4 day work window, which were negative. Looking around the room Melinda at home, Cameron and Chase notice that one window is unlocked, does not and anxiety, and conveniently close to the tree. They face her boyfriend, who admits that he made his way into the night before the attack and that he and Melinda had sex. They test his semen, but Melinda shows no allergy against him. House questions him ...
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