The Advertising Of Junk Food To Children On Television

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The Advertising of Junk Food to Children on Television


America has always been renowned as the land of the free where persons are granted the opening to come to their full promise and become successful in life. However, there is another likeness of America that is also very well known. In evaluation to other nations, America is glimpsed as a country full of overweight individuals, junk nourishment, and very quick food string of links. There are roughly forty million mature persons who are overweight and nearly nine million children in the identical position (Fast-Food Foolishness). This image has lately been commenced into the forefront of the American image by the over plenty of lawsuits that accuse junk food businesses for being the reason that their buyers are obese. It is undeniable that the consumption of junk food is a cause of obesity, but it is not the only factor. Using this reasoning it would be unfair to target only the junk food manufacturers and pin the blame on these companies as being the only reason for their customers' obesity.

Legal actions

"After [lawyers] successfully strike up the tobacco commerce for billions, test lawyers begun looking for an even juicier target. Now they believe they've discovered it in McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco chime and other fast-food providers" (Fast-Food Foolishness). The landmark court decisions against major tobacco companies resulted in billions of dollars in damages and major restrictions on cigarette advertising (Berlau 12). The losses that the Big Tobacco companies suffered in those court cases set a precedent for future cases along the same lines. Lawyers predicted that alcohol and junk food would be the next targets; they could not be more correct. This decision set the tone for a tidal wave of lawsuits attacking junk food providers and the health effects of their products. However, many of these cases have very weak arguments against the junk food companies with little strong supporting evidence.

These lawsuits are using junk food companies as the scapegoats for those who have dieting and weight problems. The filers of lawsuits against junk food manufacturers complain that their consumption of junk food led to their obesity issues. However there is no direct association that junk nourishment alone determinants obesity. "alert! Cheese eating determinants fatness, congested arteries and some other yet-to-be-determined life-threatening diseases. Cheese may also appeal mice to your house" (Dryer 27). Sounds ridiculous, right? Obesity is the "increased body ...
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