The Amish Culture

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The Amish Culture

The Amish Culture


The Amish people of America are in old religious sect; they are direct descendants of the Anabaptist of sixteenth-century Europe. This paper will highlights the four aspects of the Amish culture such as Kinship, Economic organization, Gender relations, and Beliefs and Values.

Amish migrated to America in the eighteenth centuries to escape persecution in Europe. They initially settled in Pennsylvania, but later waves of immigrants settled in New York, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio. There are over two dozen Amish affiliations and all of their practices vary from one another. The Amish are best known for their nineteenth-century way of life. While many people believe the Amish are stuck in the dark ages, the truth is that they are actually a very productive society that believes in hard work, humility, tradition, and obedience.

The Amish are an agricultural society. Their primary source of sustenance until recently has been farming. In the past most Amish families lived on small farms. These farms were diversified operations with a dozen cows, some chickens, and few beef cattle (Amish Studies). One of the main reasons the Amish choose to live on farms is because they believe that their lifestyle and their families can be best maintained in a rural environment. Many Amish have turned to crafts and other cottage industries to earn a living. Most of these businesses are small with fewer than ten employees and they do a good amount of work from home. This allows the Amish to preserve their way of life and make the business a family affair. The main products that are produced by the Amish are household and outdoor furniture, gazebos, small barns, and lawn ornaments (Steven, 2007). Quilting shops, greenhouses, and bakeries are also businesses that are run and owned by the Amish. Although the Amish are known to be very private people and they separate themselves from mainstream communities around them, they aren't exclusive and they do conduct business with their neighbors. Some have even opened small shops in the communities that are frequent to tourists and they are realizing the profits. The Amish are a very productive society who always work hard and are able to adapt to conditions so that they can survive and provide for their families.

Many people are fascinated with the Amish culture, and although it may seem like they are stuck in the dark ages; the Amish are actually a very productive society that is rich in tradition and family. The life of the Amish people is one that is simple, yet deep rooted in religion. Hard work, humility, obedience, and the importance of family and community are all virtues of the Amish. They are a loving society that believes in the forgiveness of everyone and who prefers to be left alone.

Kinship and Economic Organization

 The family is the most important social unit in the Amish culture. The laws of marriage are very well defined and they are known by every member of the Amish ...
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