The Analysis And History Development Of Anthropomorphism In Films

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[The Analysis and History development of Anthropomorphism in Films]



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In this study we try to explore the concept of anthropomorphism in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on anthropomorphism and its relation with films. The research also analyzes many aspects of anthropomorphism and tries to gauge its effect on cinema. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for anthropomorphism and tries to describe the overall effect of anthropomorphism on entertainment industry.

Table of Contents


Outline of the Study1

Introduction to the Research1

Problem Statement2

Research Aims and Objectives2

Ethical Concerns2


A Rhetorical History4

Determinants of Anthropomorphism5

A Journey from Aesop to Disney6

Theory, Critical and Literary History8


Research Design13

Literature Search14

Key Words15


Anthropomorphism in Films17



Chapter 1: Introduction

Outline of the Study

This research focuses on the various aspects of anthropomorphism and its impact on entertainment industry and comprises of the following chapters:


Literature Review



Introduction to the Research

Anthropomorphism is the idea or assumption of human characteristics and behaviour in nature. For the ancient Greeks, it was particularly the transmission of human traits to the gods and goddess. Anthropomorphism is the transfer of inalienable human properties and features of the external forces of nature and the attribution of fictitious mythical beings (gods, spirits, etc). It is the attribution of human form or qualities to that which is not human. In the history of religion, anthropomorphism refers to the representation of God in a human image, the shape of the human body and emotions such as jealousy, anger or love. Considering that mythology is only interested in anthropomorphic gods, other religious thought holds that it is inappropriate to consider an omnipotent God as a man. To speak of God, however, metaphorical language must be used.

Problem Statement

Concept of anthropomorphism is old and controversial but it seems to grow in a positive manner in recent years through entertainment industry.

Research Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of this research are

To find out the history and origin of the concept of anthropomorphism

To find out determinants of anthropomorphism

How this concept has reached to the cinema

To find out theories related to anthropomorphism

Ethical Concerns

Researcher is fully aware of the ethical issues involved in this work. Responsibility for all procedures and ethical issues related to the project rests with the principal investigators. Research will be conducted in such a way that the integrity of the research enterprise will be maintained? and negative after-effects which might diminish the potential for future research were avoided. The choice of research issues will be based on the best scientific judgment and on an assessment of the potential ...
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