The Art Of Maori Tattooing

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The Art of Maori Tattooing

Maori tattoo designs are among most distinctive tattoos in modern society are rooted in ancient traditions of body art practiced by Maori people of New Zealand. Main distinguishing factor of Maori tattoo designs is based on spiral and curved compared to straight-line geometric designs of other Polynesian tattoos.

Reference to Maori tattoo designs are registered and in 1800's in magazines of Europeans who settled in New Zealand. During these times, tattoos were not just for decorative purposes, but to portray personality of individual. As Maori were illiterate used to draw design of entire face when he signed papers. This meant that each of Maori tattoo designs had to be unique, as it were in effect only way Maori could write his name.

For these tattoos symbolize Maori spiritual rituals related to specific events in life of the person. Maori men were only allowed to get his first tattoo when they reach adolescence. (In picture of Maori warriors over younger man has only his first tattoo, while older warrior has tattooed all over his face.) Only important events that called for celebration would be rewarded any additions to original moko. Before receiving the tattoo Maori person would have to fast. LWI all would be present at ceremony itself and this is celebrated with music and dancing. only men who were not tattooed were commoners and slaves. All members of tribe had at least one tattoo of face and many had tattoos on other parts of your body as well. Men believed that moko was attractive to women and fierce warriors.

Practice of Maori tattoo is really old, they have been doing for generations and is part of their culture until today. Another form of body art known as "Ta Moko", which is not same as tattoos, but something completely different. Ta Moko is process of marking body permanently with certain designs using phi (chisels) to carve skin rather than puncturing it. Once completed, skin has slots instead of the smooth surface that can be seen as normal custom tattoos.

Today art of Ta Moko is not really practiced by non-Maori who have opted for normal Maori tattoo instead. Many Maori are beginning to revive their culture and language, and some are opting to have these tattoos on their faces as their ancestors. Many Westerners receive Maori tattoo on his arms or other parts of their bodies, but usually keep one side. I'd need to be very brave to get one of these in your face.

Maori women were also tattooed, but always just stand and color of lips and the few lines or spirals on chin, cheeks or forehead. (See comment of Mana Maori under cube) Maori tattoo designs are meant to enhance facial features and expressions of person and for that follow natural contours of face or body. Tattoo designs for legs and buttocks are similar to tattoos of face, except that curves and spirals are clearer and bolder than tattoos of face.

Maori tattoo designs traditionally followed established norms, which ...
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