The Business And Financial Performance Of Wal-Mart Over A Three Year Period

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The business and financial performance of Wal-Mart over a three year period



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Wal-Mart is a global store, which has been managing its operations globally through retail stores in different versions all over the globe. In America, the retail version of Wal-Mart includes supercenters, discount stores, market side, neighbourhood markets, and Sam's Clubs. This research has analyzed the financial performance of Wal-Mart over the period of past three years with the help of ratio analysis. The major aim of this research is to analyze the business and financial performance of Wal-Mart in the past three years. The research process begins with a problem. Once a problem has been identified, the researcher must then select a tool or method to investigate it. In general, research methodology may take the form of qualitative, quantitative or a combination of the two. From the analysis of the financial and business performance of Wal-Mart, it was evident that Wal-Mart has been performing quite well in terms of financial and business performance over the past three years. However, the SWOT analysis of Wal-Mart had identified that Wal-Mart had been facing labour relation problems with their employees and these problems are intensifying with the passage of time. The SWOT analysis also identified that of the rising inflation in US and the rest of the world, which might lead to increase to a demand of wage raise from the employees. This could create a bit of a problem for Wal-Mart as demand for wage rise might create even more tension between the company management and ...
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