The Business Partnering Model And Its Impact On Both The Hr Function And Hr Practice: Case Study On Aso Savings And Loan Plc

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The Business Partnering Model and Its Impact on both the Hr Function and Hr Practice: Case Study on ASO Savings and Loan PLC


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Company history1

Research Problem2

Research Objectives2


Unleashing the power of employees8

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The HR Can Help Employees and divisions to work together more effectively in all divisions19

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The aim of this project will be to analyse the impact and the nature of the businesse partnering model in relation with the new forms of HR functions. Ulrich's business partnering model (1997) has a fixation with the growning body of HR practioners and academics which is a growning body and the main area of investigation.

The famous 3 box model was constructed by Ulrich which is the 3-box model, shared service, HR business partner and the centre of excellence. Ulrich emphasised on the fact that if the new roles were implemented it will help enable HR thoroughly aligned to the business process and it will inturn help in contributing to better business outcomes.

Due to the rise of information technology the administrative aspect of HR is diminishing hence it is advisable that the role of HR should be enhanced and redisgned in order to belnd in the new business approach. (Edward et al 2003, p1)

Company history

ASO Savings & Loans PLC is a Primary Mortgage Institution (PMI), incorporated in Nigeria as a limited liability company on November 9, 1995.

Regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria under the Mortgage Institution Decree No. 53 of 1989 to carry out the business of mortgage banking in Nigeria.

The company adopted the Business partnering model in 2007 after a new management took over in 2006. The company has over 700 staff, a customer base of over 100,000 and 20 branches across Nigeria.

The HR department has about 20 staff.

The objective of the study and the problem statement are given below:

Research Problem

What are the business partnering model and its impact on both the hr function and hr practice?

Research Objectives

A number of forces have converged to support the idea of HR being more of a strategic partner. The major focus of this project is on the practices, structures and activities that determine the effectiveness of HR organisations with particular to the development of a business partner relationship. Therefore my research will aim to review literatures to date and address the gaps in research by investigating:

What led to business partnering?

Is HR becoming a strategic ...
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